Posted on September 24, 2021 at 8:44 am

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Exclusive: Parichay Releases ‘Kinaara’ Featuring Farah Mitha

Kinaara – Parichay x Farah Mitha

Exclusive: Parichay Releases 'Kinaara' Featuring Farah Mitha


Exclusive: Parichay Releases Kinaara Featuring Farah Mitha. Parichay‘s latest album ‘Moodz’ goes from strength to strength. The 3rd video single ‘Kinaara’ from the album is an intense heartbreak song. It has emotional lyrics in Hindi and English combined with a hard-hitting 808 bass sound in the production like never heard before in this genre.

Parichay‘s high-pitched, yet smooth vocals really shine all throughout and highlight his vocal dynamics and versatility. The track features the super talented Canadian singer/songwriter, Farah Mitha, known for performing on the TV show ‘I Can See Your Voice’.

With a huge remix for Kinaara on the way as well. The anticipation across his global fan base is at fever pitch!

Parichay says:

“From the moment we dropped the album, I knew Kinaara was really connecting with everyone. Perhaps more than any other song on the album. I was getting tons of messages from fans asking for a video for it so we had to drop one. We are already blown away by the response in just 2 days since the release. When I sent the whole album to Nargis Fakhri requesting her to share any one of the songs on her IG, even she picked Kinaara!”

Exclusive: Parichay Releases 'Kinaara' Featuring Farah Mitha

Parichay created the song whilst on his travels:

“I remember making the beat a while ago on a flight. It just sat there on my hard drive until I randomly pulled it up one night, laid down some rough ideas and sent it to Farah to write to. Although I was really happy with what she sent me and what I had laid down, I never imagined it would be the biggest song on the album. That’s why it is the last one on it!

With music, you just never know what connects with people and what doesn’t. Hence no one can ever predict a hit! Having said that, 2 of the biggest songs of my career are ‘Jeeya Mar Ke’ and ‘Roye Akhiyaan’ have a similar vibe so I guess people like to hear songs like these from me”

With over 4 million views and streams on the album already, Parichay plans to deliver another video shortly this time for the song ‘Mermaid’. An additional two are likely to drop in the near future, the first for ‘Bezubaan’ with Happy Singh. The other for ‘Inteqaam’, a hard Desi hip-hop tune featuring Haji Springer and Mr Maxx.

Parichay can be seen wearing a custom “That 808 Tho” hoodie in the music video for Kinaara, part of his #MyMoodzMyRulez merchandise. Available in limited quantity through his Merchandise store on Amazon.

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

Moodz is OUT NOW on the Chay Productions/N-tro Records label and available via digital stores and streaming platforms globally.

Exclusive: Parichay Releases 'Kinaara' Featuring Farah Mitha

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