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6 months of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali!

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali completes 6 months

2021 has seen many Hindi GEC launches, whilst some failed to make their mark, others have gone onto becoming the top shows of this year. One such show is Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali, a show consistently delivering the best despite its set of challenges, firstly being an early-evening property, secondly being filmed in Kolhapur and thirdly the woes of the ongoing pandemic. Despite the challenges, the show has completed 6 months today and aired over 150 episodes. We at UrbanAsian got into an exclusive conversation with some of the fellow cast members of the show to share their favourite and challenging moments/experiences as the show has completed this milestone.

Sai Ketan Rao

“Every single day for me in Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is special and challenging because it presents me with new hurdles to keep the spirit alive. Also, the fact that so many people around me are supporting me is great. So thank you for loving our show and keep supporting and watching Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali.”

Shivangi Khedkar

“Yes, so Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali has completed 6 months and over 150 episodes have aired which is something I am trying to digest. The experience has been amazing and I have an amazing team of co-stars, directors, technicians and so the whole credit goes to my team. Pallavi only stands because of the other characters, hence I would like to give credit to my co-actors. Every day is a new challenge for us as we work through the concepts and storyline which we hope will entertain viewers 6 days a week which is not easy at all.

In terms of challenging scenes, I find the most challenging ones are those where Pallavi is putting her heart out for example the one where Pallavi was kicked out of the house. Another scene I found challenging was when Raghav was in the ICU and Pallavi was expressing her emotions. These two scenes were the toughest because it wasn’t just about getting into the dialogues and expressions, but I had to put myself in Pallavi’s position and these scenes did affect me mentally because it put me in a similar atmosphere/mood to Pallavi that what if someone I loved in real life was in the ICU etc… so I wanted the emotion to be right and with the help of my director I was able to pull it off. I’m glad that we are standing rock solid with 150 episodes and I am getting a lot of calls and messages which is so overwhelming and I am just blessed to be a part of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali hoping to entertain you all by giving out the best content that we can.”

Asmita Ajgaonkar

There are so many favourite and challenging scenes of mine, but there is one such scene that I found challenging where Sharda meets Mandaar for the first time after two years. That scene was really tricky for me because I did not how to react when her supposedly dead son shows up in front of her. I didn’t want to overreact or underreact and went absolutely blank however when I did the scene, it came out perfectly. Another favourite scene is when Sharda stands up for Pallavi and she says a dialogue, “Kash Mardo Ke Paas Bhi Suhaagon Ki Nishaan Hoti, Toh Hum Auratein Bhi Uske Dum Pe Jhukatein.” I felt that scene resonated with me on a personal level and hence I felt like I was speaking my heart out through Sharda and getting this message across.

Ajinkya Joshi

People have loved our show since episode 1 and the love for it has grown since then and I am glad a lot of people are connecting with the show. Certainly, there were many challenges, firstly of Covid-19, secondly of the lockdown and filming restrictions and also the fact that many of the team have not visited their families in the last six months or so. I also feel that consistently entertaining the viewers by delivering six episodes per week without fail is no small feat. Keep watching and loving our show.

Snehal Reddy

I want to firstly say thanks to all of my viewers and fans that you’ve accepted me as Sulochana Deshmukh and I hope that you continue to shower your love on our show. There are many challenging as well as favourite moments on the show. However, one such moment on the show is during the track of Amruta’s pregnancy and abortion drama. During this phase, Sulochana, as a character goes through a lot of emotions because her relationship with Milind is strained, on top of that Manasi’s wedding, gets cancelled and then of course Amruta’s pregnancy fiasco leading to an abortion, so all of these things pile up on her. Sulochana’s breaking point as a mother and wife leading to a feeling of loss was something that I had to perform correctly. Those scenes required a lot of work and were challenging and I did put a lot of effort into those scenes and thankfully they were delivered to the audiences beautifully. So yes, this is one such scene out of many that has been my favourite but also challenging.

Rutuja Sawant

My favourite moment on the sets of MHRW is when the whole Deshmukh family is together. Whenever we are together, we are either singing, dancing and someone or the other is cracking silly jokes so yeah, it’s never a dull day. One favourite scene of mine is when it was Manasi’s Mehndi and she had mehndi applied on her hands and her dad fed her food. So, when Ajinkya Sir who plays my father and I performed that scene, it got so emotional that we both ended up crying because I was missing my father in real life and we share a father-daughter type bond. The challenging experiences on this show would be when Manasi’s wedding got called off and having to pull off those expressions and dialogues. Another challenging experience was Manasi’s character transitioning from positive to negative because she’s always been a happy-go-lucky girl and all of a sudden she wants to ruin people’s lives so it was difficult to play that different shade.

Priyanka Dhavale

My favourite scenes would be the one in which I played Amruta’s Holi drunk scene and the dance as well and the second most favourite scene would definitely be the saree shop scene which turned out to be hilarious and interesting for the audience of Amruta and Farhad in which I had to drape a saree around Farhad. This scene was also a bit challenging cause I have never worn a saree by myself and never thought I would drape a saree around a guy, so it was challenging yet a fun scene.

Himanshu Bamzai

Well, every day I feel like it’s our first day of shooting I’m still living in that zone full of excitement. My experience is very good here and everyone from every department is very supportive. I feel like I’m living with my own family. My most favourite moment was that when I first realised the people are loving my character a lot and they’re appreciating my work. For an actor, it’s the best feeling that people are knowing him more by his character name. And to be very honest every day is challenging for me because I’m portraying a character who’s very positive and he never gets angry. So being extremely positive and happy all the time is a bit challenging for me.

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Snehal Borkar

For me, being on set, around the camera and working with people is the best moment as an actor. In terms of challenges, when we were filming in Hyderabad it was extremely hot that day. We were shooting for an outdoor sequence where Pallavi and Krishna are sitting at a Tea Stall and because of the heat, our backs were literally burning that I had asked the Makeup Artist to spray water on our backs to cool us down since the heat was unbearable. Nonetheless, despite the challenges we were able to pull the scene off well. Another favourite but challenging scene is the first-ever scene I shot with Shivangi for episode 1. In that scene, it was a rain sequence where Shivangi and I were filming at 2 am. The water was so cold that we were literally freezing. However again we pulled it off nicely. I honestly can’t believe it has been six months already and the bond I share with the cast especially Shivangi feels like we have known each other for years.

Well there you go folks, that’s UrbanAsian’s exclusive conversation with the cast of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali as it completes 6 months. Watch this space as we bring you such engaging and insightful pieces.

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