Posted on August 1, 2021 at 2:27 am

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5 Fun Things to Do on a Cross Country Rail Trip

Have you decided that this is the year you finally embark on your bucket list trip of traveling cross-country by rail? If so, there is no doubt you are excited and looking forward to all the beautiful scenery and interesting communities you will pass through. But a cross-country rail trip is quite lengthy so you may want to have a few backup activities to keep you busy that don’t involve sightseeing.

Here are five fun things to do while on your rail journey that will ensure every moment of the holiday is spectacular.

Enjoy Some Online Gaming

As you sit in your seat gazing out the window of the train, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some online gaming with your smartphone. There are thousands of entertainment-based apps that you can download, plus online games. 

Imagine being able to transform your mobile device into a casino? Online casinos make this possible. You can spend a little time checking out online casino reviews to familiarise yourself with the options and then you’re good to go. Video slots can be a great option as they are user-friendly and filled with fun graphics, sounds and opportunities to win big.

If you do plan on engaging in some online gaming, it’s a smart idea to pack headphones or earbuds so that everyone around you won’t have to listen to the game.

Binge Watch Trending Movies and Television Series

Another option with your smartphone is binge-watching trending movies and television series. Again, those headphones or earbuds will come in handy, and you’ll either need to download content in advance or you’ll have to stream the content. Because the rail line can pass through some pretty remote areas, streaming may not be the best quality, so downloading content in advance could be a more reliable option.

Pack a Deck of Cards

Good old-fashioned card games are a wonderful way to pass time. There are games you can play on your own, with a partner, or a group of friends/family that you are traveling with. What’s great about the classic card games is that you don’t have to worry about a bunch of game pieces like you would find in board games.

Pass the Time with a Great Book

How many times have you wished you had more time to catch up on your reading? Maybe you’ve got a stack of books at home that you’ve been wanting to get to but haven’t found the opportunity. A cross-country rail trip couldn’t be more perfect for reading. And if you don’t want to lug a bunch of heavy books with you, invest in an e-reader and download a few titles.

Tap Into Your Artistic Side

If you’re the artistic type, why not use the scenery as inspiration and do a little drawing/sketching? These drawings may end up being your favorite keepsakes from the holiday if they take inspiration from the sights you are surrounded by.

Each of these fun activities will allow you to make good use of your time.

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