Posted on July 2, 2021 at 8:22 am

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Nia Sharma and Kamal Kumar’s latest track ‘Ankhiyon Da Ghar’ out now!

Many music videos are seen releasing this year. In which many television actors and actresses are being featured. The music videos being released on the YouTube channel are also getting the love of the audience, while the same songs are trending on Insta and social media. Meanwhile, television artist Nia Sharma along with Kamal Kumar has also released their music video.

Ankhiyaan Da Ghar
Ankhiyaan Da Ghar

Music video of Nia and Kamal is released by Zee Music Company. The name of the music video is ‘Ankhiyo Da Ghar’.

Talking about the look of both the actors in the poster, both were seen posing in the moonlight night. In which romantic chemistry is seen between them. While Nia is seen wearing a kurti, Kamal is seen in formal clothes. The title of this song was written with, ‘The Unusual Story of Hate and Love..’ which means that the story of love and hate will be shown through this music video.

In this music video, the voice of Yasir Desai will be heard as a singer. While Kumar Verma wrote the lyrics. Kamal Chandra directed this video.

Recently, the news of Nia and Kamal’s love affair was in the news. Actually, Kamal proposed on-set Nia during the shooting of this song. However, while talking about this, Kamal had told that, ‘It was just fun and everyone laughed a lot on it.’

On the other hand, Nia also spoke on this proposal and said, ‘Kamal is a lovely co-star and I know he likes me. I get the same vibe. However, it was on a lighter note, so his proposal was slowly put to the side.

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