Posted on June 9, 2021 at 11:33 am

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South Actor Adith Arun lines up interesting films for 2021

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In a span of 12 years, actor Adith Arun has acted in 15 films and earlier this year he ventured into the digital space with ’11th Hour’ streaming on Aha. For 2021, Adith has lined up some interesting films and each of them falls into different genre all together.

South Actor Adith Arun lines up interesting films for 2021
South Actor Adith Arun lines up interesting films for 2021

First is ‘WWW’ which is a first computer screen thriller and it’s bilingual. KV Guhan ( Big Cinematography) is directing the movie. Adith Arun says it is the most challenging role he has ever done.

Most of the scenes were single take shots and performing with only camera and no actors is daunting task, he adds. (Telugu and Tamil).

The next from Adith Arun is ‘Dear Megha’ which is a love story. Well, Adith Arun was constantly asked about doing romantic entertainers given the charm he has. ‘Dear Megha’ also deals with endearing mother and son bond. Actress Pavitra Lokesh played Adith’s mother in this film.

And the ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ actor also features in a Hollywood film titled ‘When The Music Changes.’ Hollywood actor John Turturro of ‘Transformers’ fame is the producer of the movie while Lakshmi Devy directed it. It’s a Hollywood film completely shot in Hyderabad and is a take on Urban Rape which is just 53 minutes long. The film already featured in New York Film Festival and received an award. A few more film festivals are in pipeline.

The last is ‘Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki’ and it’s a horror-comedy which is the most bankable genre. The film will have raw cultural emotions but it is a typical commercial entertainer. The film directed by Chanakya Chinna, also stars Mahesh Manjrekar, Get-up Sreenu. This is a bilingual project. On touching base with Adith he stated , I feel blessed to be a part of such different projects and I am looking forward to each and every one of it .

All in all Adith Arun is going to have good releases in 2021 and would like to continue making different films to cater all sections of audiences.

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