Posted on June 29, 2021 at 3:00 am

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Jasmin Bhasin is celebrating a cosy birthday in Goa

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Jasmin Bhasin is celebrating her birthday today.

Jasmin Bhasin is celebrating a cosy birthday in Goa
Jasmin Bhasin is celebrating a cosy birthday in Goa
Jasmin, Aly Goni, his sister Ilham Goni, and her family are in Goa to celebrate her birthday.
A few of Aly’s close friends have also joined in for the celebration. Aly went live on social media last night to show the fans Jasmin celebrating her birthday.

In the live, she cut her birthday cakes. The birthday girl says,

“I am happy to be in Goa for a small break where I am celebrating my birthday with my close friends. I could’ve had a grand celebration but considering the current situation, I thought it would be best if I had a small celebration. Last one year is a blessed one, I have chosen my work according to my own preference.
Even during the most difficult time, I was working. I am grateful to the universe for showering me with good work and taking care of me. Whether it is the reality shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi and Bigg Boss, or the music videos I have done — I have enjoyed them all and more importantly, my fans have liked them. My birthday wish is to grow further as an artist and I want the universe to fulfil all my wishes.”

Take a look at some pictures of her celebrations: 

We wish the stunning beauty a very happy birthday.
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