Posted on May 5, 2021 at 4:41 am

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Exclusive: “We don’t really have to pretend the chemistry onscreen”, says Mahira Sharma on ‘Nazaraa’ with Paras Chhabra

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Mahira Sharma is all to amaze fans once again with her latest track “Nazaraa”, opposite with Paras Chabbra.

The duo has together done many track and have given some hits like Rang Lageya, Baarish, Ring, Hashtag Love Soniyea, and Kamaal Karte Ho.

Nazaraa is sung by Puran Chand Wadia and Lakhwinder Wadia. It is presented under the Tseries label.

Recently, in conversation with UrbanAsian, Mahir Sharma opens up about Nazaraa, chemistry with Paras, experience with Wadia brothers, upcoming projects and more.

What made you sign up for the song Nazaraa?

Nazaraa is a song sung by Padma Shri award holders, the Wadali brothers. They’re legendary, and of course I had to sign up for it! I grew up listening to their songs. I feel lucky to have been approached for this song!

What challenges did you faced while shooting for this track during this covid crisis and that too in such a beautiful hill station location?

We shot in a beautiful, small village in Manali. There weren’t really any cases there, but we still ensured that we carried the shoot out keeping in mind all the safety precautions necessary. Another part of the music video was shot on snowy hills where there were residences, and no people; so zero threats from the virus there.

Any interesting incident that you can share that happened during the shoot?

So, there was this scene where Lakhwinder ji (Wadali) and I had to act out a whole wedding scene, but then Paras (Chhabra) rushed in, and Lakhwinder ji handed him over the ‘dupatta’ (worn by Indian bridegrooms). And suddenly everyone started saying ‘hey look, Paras and Mahira got married’. And I just stood there all clueless! Haha!

How was the experience working with Puranchand Wadali and Lakhwinder Wadali?

I’m someone who prefers quality over quantity. I opt for work that can add great value to my profile as an actor, and I believe working with the Wadali brothers is a total win for me! They’re amazing, and my experience working with them was wonderful.


You have collaborated with T-Series many times. How is it working with such huge label?

I honestly didn’t know that this was a T-series song. And for me, more than the label, it’s about the song; that really matter a lot. If I like the song, I do it! But I’m really happy that I’m working with T-Series, and I hope we do more work in the future.

Fans always love your on screen chemistry with Paras and you have given many hits with him. So is there any spark offscreen as well?

Paras and I share a good bond, and we share a good comfort level with eachother. So, that makes it easy for us to slip into characters on-screen, and also we don’t really have to pretend the chemistry onscreen – it’s already there.

Tell us one thing that you like about Paras the most?

Paras is a very good actor and he’s very energetic on set. He is pro-active and also loves to give creative suggestions. He’s someone who may not care all that much about his outfits and his appearance, but he’s more into the acting bit. He’s a very good actor, so his entire focus is into acting, not the appearance. So, I really like that about him.

If you get to choose to feature in a remake song or a original track what would be your choice?

I’ve actually done a remake song which will be out soon! Its a super popular dance number, but right now I don’t want to talk much about it.

After giving this hit track Nazaraa, what are you planning next?

I actually just take work as it comes. I’ve actually done so many songs over the last couple of months which will be releasing one after the other.

A message you will like to give your fans on staying safe and positive during these trying times.

I’d request everyone to stay at home and stay safe. During the first wave, we’ve all complied with the lockdown and stayed at home. I’d request for all of you to do the same even this time around. Our actions now will decide our future. Only step out if absolutely necessary and wear masks and gloves if stepping out. Also advising everyone to stay positive and pray for everyone who are facing troubles during these testing times!

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