Posted on April 21, 2021 at 1:56 am

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Vancouver Fashion Week Brings FW/21 Designer Highlights

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Vancouver Fashion Week Brings FW/21 Designer Highlights

Vancouver Fashion Week: FW/21 Designer Highlights
VANCOUVER, BC, April 2021 – Vancouver Fashion Week celebrates the success of the digital, live-stream event that took place earlier today. This season’s participating designers began showcasing Women’s wear, Men’s wear, and Accessories designers for their Fall/Winter 21 Collections.

Check out Friday’s VFW designer highlights:

Guerline Kamp Netherlands-based designer, Guerline Kamp, showcased her Fall/Winter collection titled, Forgotten Memories. Do you ever have a memory surface from your childhood but have been left questioning whether it had ever happened? Or, looking at a photograph and feel like you remember what played out moments before the photo but unsure of its accuracy? Guerline Kamp takes inspiration from this concept for her collection, playing on childlike moments revisited through the lens of adulthood.

By utilizing a blend of fabrics, bold and structured lines, and three-dimensional objects, Kamp
incorporates primary colors that encompassed our childhoods to stand out against the
monochromatic accents for a collection that will resonate with your inner child.


Narda Paredes Romero from NARDA’s luxury designs handmade shoes that are crafted by local artisans who have recovered the old craft of leather goods and transformed them into works of art. The Pieces collection is inspired by broken mirrors and the relevance that breaking a mirror holds. Breaking a mirror is not only messy but can also stir up deep-rooted emotions. Using engraved beef leathers that mimic the broken mirror appearance while using a refined palette of colors, NARDA created a journey of introspection. Pieces are a wake-up call to embrace new emotions and start a new journey within ourselves.

Cornelia Borgerhoff’s
With echoes reminiscent of the current racial revolution, Pratt graduate Cornelia Borgerhoff’s thesis collection Acceptance Letter relates to her experience as a person of color raised within a white family. You will have seen that this collection was heavily inspired by the women in Cornelia’s family who attended Ivy League college, as the looks reflect an American ‘preppy style’ with the colors and silhouettes taken from traditional college frat boy attire.

La Femme Roje

By combining her Iranian roots and Canadian life, Rojan Hooshyar’s La Femme Roje line provides us with insight into who she truly is. Sustainably hand-crafted with a vegan focus, La Femme Roje pulls inspiration from Middle Eastern, Persian, and Arabic prints and textiles, transforming them into modern garments. This collection, KHATOON is inspired by silenced women. Those who refuse to surrender any piece of themselves, just to appease another, are celebrated through the looks Rojan created for this Fall/Winter showcase.

Located in Japan, Harumi Hiyama’s collection, HARUMIHIYAMA, is all about the notion of giving and spreading love. Harumi’s clothes are designed to spread love and peace amongst the community. The brand does this through excellent embroidery and textile design made in Japan which is a key point in delivering that message.

ISXNOT (Japan)

ISMI MAKISE presented their captivating collection at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the F/W 2021 Season. The featured brand visualized inspiration from ‘words’ centered around the main theme of “invisible”. A design that puts their middle finger on the stereotype but stands through one’s heart. “When I was young, I got out of the room and saw the starry sky from the window in the hospital corridor. It was beautiful. We know the beauty of looking up the freedom while being restricted. We are obsessed with “wanderlust” as we think of a free journey in the restriction of COVID-19. I have put my hopes in this collection to go find the Polaris to continue the journey of life.” Says designer Ismi Makise

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