Posted on April 1, 2021 at 9:00 pm

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TikTok & Desi Humor, Srinidhi’s Account has it all!

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With more than 510.4K followers on TikTok, (@simplyysri) has been taking over TikTok by storm! Srinidhi puts her heart and soul in her content, whether it’s her imitating a future Gen Z Desi mom to videos of her trying to make popular TikTok food and drink items like iced coffee, she’s personally one of my favorite TikToker’s in the game. Her humor is relatable for all ages and her videos never fail to make me laugh and her personality can brighten up a room! Be sure to follow her account (@simplyysri)!

srinidhi posing

Interview with Srinidhi

1.) What motivates you every day?

I think on a daily basis what inspires me is the idea that I can do and create whatever my heart and mind desire. It’s always nice to know that whatever I’m feeling or thinking can be used as inspiration for other aspects of my life, on and off social media. 

2.) When did you start your TikTok? how has your life changed since you started your TikTok?

I began TikTok in March 2020, when the pandemic began. Truthfully my life is still pretty similar to before! Now I spend more of my days trying to think through more content and try new things such as collaborating with other brands or creators.

srinidhi looking like a bad bih

3.) What’s one thing you love about connecting with your followers through TikTok?

One thing I love is the honesty and closeness I feel with followers. They have been so kind to me and picked me up during difficult times. They are a reminder that my goal is to create content that adds value in their life and can give them a feeling of connection:)

4.) What are some of your favorite subjects to talk about in your TikToks?

I always love having South Asian themes and ideas surrounding my TikToks. Sharing some of the things I’ve endured growing up as an Indian always resonates with my viewers! I also just love ranting about the difficulties of life, boys, school, and more. 

5.) What has your experience been growing up in an Indian American household? Is it hard trying to fit in with the Indian culture at home and then the Western culture at school?

It was hard balancing both my South Asian as well as American identity, however, it’s made me who I am, and I’m extremely grateful for that. At a young age, I felt like I had to hide being Indian and that it wasn’t something to be proud of, but now I’m incredibly proud of my culture and happy I get to highlight that in my work.

6.) Has Tiktok ever depleted your energy or mental health? How have you bounced back and continued on in creating popular content?

TikTok and social media in general have definitely depleted my energy at times. It’s hard to always create content that adds value to people’s lives, and the pressure we build in our minds can really get to us. But in moments like those, I try to remember why I began creating videos and why I love it so much. Reminding myself of my intent and value reignites that passion whenever I’m low. 

srinidhi posing

7.) What are some of your favorite Bollywood movies or songs that get you on the dance floor?

I didn’t grow up watching many Bollywood movies, but one that lives in my head for rent-free is “Chandramukhi” with the iconic song “Ra Ra”.

8.) How do you feel connected best to the Indian culture?

I would say through dance. I’m a Bharatanatyam dancer and have been doing the art form for over 10 years. Dancing always puts me in another world and makes me feel more immersed in my culture. 

9.) Do you think TikTok has been away for Desi Gen Z’ers to connect with one another? What’s one thing we could do better as a collective whole.

I do think TikTok has been away for Indian kids my age to connect. I’ve seen so many Desi creators and it’s amazing to know we have a whole community of us. I think having community-wide conversations would help in bringing us together and share our experiences. 

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