Posted on April 25, 2021 at 5:46 pm

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Soumita Saha Touched Netizen’s Heart With Covid Awareness Message

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Soumita Saha Touched Netizen’s Heart With Covid Awareness Message

Soumita Saha Touched Netizen’s Heart With Her Covid Awareness Message

The COVID-19 pandemic has now risen to a global health crisis across the globe. This novel virus outbreak has challenged India’s economic, medical, and public health infrastructure. India has been consistently reporting more than 150,000 cases for days now. It reported 273,810 cases on Monday – the biggest daily spike since the pandemic began. Badly-affected cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad have almost run out of hospital beds. The situation of West Bengal is turning worse as well. Meanwhile, International singing sensation Soumita Saha touched the netizen’s heart having shared a message of love, harmony, and compassion.

Soumita writes ” Let us normalize a couple of things. There’s nothing as such called ‘I live alone, I need not care about the society’. Trust me none of us live alone we’re all dependent on our associates, maids, gas cylinder supplier, newspaperman, grocery shopkeep, delivery executives, security person, and so on. Now that the covid situation is turning worse the mentality that says ‘ I am maintaining safety, my family, employer, and employees are maintaining so, therefore I don’t need to pay attention to the society. What my neighbor does is completely their headache.’ No, it’s not, if we don’t take care of each and everyone around us if we do not promote awareness and influence people to maintain covid measures we cannot stop covid from spreading more. None of us are invincible, none of us are immune. Viruses don’t discriminate, love shouldn’t either.

Wear your mask, use sanitizer to influence, everyone, to do the same. Stay home. Take care of each other. 😊”. Soumita was busy working on an EDM project which she postponed due to the second wave of covid-19. The young singing sensation is all set to release her cover of “Somebody is me”. Soumita who rose to fame with her debut single Ishq is equally famous in Tollywood and the industry of Tagore Music. She is also regarded as one of the youngest exponents of Rabindrasangeet. ” I am keeping the shoots mostly indoor, and not stepping out until it’s necessary. I think we should keep social distance and wear our masks. If we want to meet each other again without and nobody is missing forever in the group-fie we need to
defeat Corona together ” adds the diva.

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