Posted on April 6, 2021 at 12:44 am

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Raag Teams Up With Raxstar For Punjabi Love Track ‘Ni Margeni’

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Raag Teams Up With Raxstar For Punjabi Love Track ‘Ni Margeni’

Raag Teams Up With Raxstar For Punjabi Love Track ‘Ni Margeni’

The soulful RAAG has teamed up with UK rapper Raxstar for his latest single ‘Ni Margeni’
Although born in Mumbai, RAAG is flying the flag for Belgium, hailing from a small town named Antwerp. His musical journey has already been full of accolades, having shared the stage with legends like Anu Kapoor, performing tributes for none other than Shahrukh Khan and recently opening for Ankit Tiwari. With an extensive background in the performing arts scene, RAAG’s musical influences have undoubtedly grounded him with a strong stage presence and exposure to a range of musical styles.

Following the success of his popular renditions and past singles ‘YOU’ and the more recent hit track ‘Malika’, RAAG returns to the scene with Punjabi Hip-Pop banger ‘Ni Margeni’
With a history of experimentation, RAAG’s presence in the music scene has always mirrored his worldwide influences. Having lived in a number of countries, ‘Ni Margeni’ is a testament of this and RAAG’s mission to have his music appreciated globally.
‘’Ni Margeni’ is a bilingual blend of Punjabi and a hint of Gujarati, with RnB, Pop elements on the production, resonating with the very current and popular desi Hip-Hop sound. The track is a light-hearted modern-day love song about being mesmerized by the beauty of one girl, even in a crowded room, he only sees her.

Featured on the track with his signature style and flow is the popular UK rapper Raxstar. Raxstar’s verse on ‘Ni Margeni’ works perfectly in collaboration with the RnB, Pop vocals from RAAG. Over the past year Raxstar has released a number of hit tracks that resonate with the current pandemic including the lockdown anthem ‘2020’ and the popular ‘Airplane mode’. As one of the most prominent and consistent rappers in the UK Asian scene, Raxstar will be bringing us more music in 2021.

Talking about the track, RAAG states, “Ni Margene is one of the biggest records of my journey, my first collaboration in the UK Asian Music Scene, Raxstar is an artist who can bring the emotion behind a track to life through his lyricism. As one of the most unique rappers in the Asian music scene, my collaboration with him will help push a new sound in the Urban desi scene. Whilst this pandemic has brought some setbacks to music, I am looking forward to dropping more music this year with a lot of collaborations in the pipeline.”
Set against the backdrop of a house party, the music video for ‘Ni Margeni’ which features both RAAG and Raxstar complements the light-hearted, party vibe of the track.
‘Ni Margeni’ is out on all digital platforms.

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