Posted on April 16, 2021 at 5:46 am

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Lcgotthis Reflects On Personal Challenges In His Punjabi Ballas ‘Maafi’

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Lcgotthis Reflects On Personal Challenges In His Punjabi Ballas ‘Maafi’

Anonymous British Pakistani producer and rapper LCGOTTHIS has released yet another Punjabi Trap anthem ‘Maafi’.

Following the success of his debut EP and his last single ‘Jaan’, the masked, anonymous LC made his mark in the industry as a producer, producing for the likes of Indian rapper Raga, and American artist Nyanni. With a wide range of influences from Bollywood, R&B to UK rap, from a young age LC had been teaching production masterclasses globally as well as collaborating with some renowned producers.

LC has evolved from a producer to an artist. His own style infuses desi melodic R&B vocals with hard-hitting ambient Trap beats, or sometimes a hard beat with just some straight bars. With no desire for fame or attention, the mask itself stands for freedom of artistic self-expression open for interpretation without the fear of being ridiculed, judged, or stigmatized.

Despite setbacks from the pandemic, LCGOTTHIS has had a successful year. His music was aired on BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens, he was a BBC Introducing Artist, and was honored with the Artist of the week title on Bobby Friction’s show on BBC Asian Network. Earlier this year his track with duo Metz & Trix ‘Lied to Me’ received over 50k views in the first week and his Triller has over 100k views.

His latest release ‘Maafi’ is an exploration of LC’s personal struggles to meet societal norms, whilst trying to maintain a lifestyle that he conceals from his loved ones. With a Travis Scott-inspired beat, ‘Maafi’ has a moody undertone which is amplified through his dark, melodic bi-lingual flow. Co-written by Birmingham-based Rawhit Music, ‘Maafi’ is LC’s apologetic truths, an honest track that resonates with many of us who battle with the need to satisfy our individual happiness whilst trying to fulfill the expectations of those around us.

Speaking on the release, LC states “’Maafi’ is a reflection of my own personal challenges that so many of my listeners can relate to. The track explores how concealing my lifestyle impacts relationships with friends, family, and a lover; amidst questioning life choices, whether or not to do what satisfies my individual happiness or fulfill the expectations and happiness of those around me. Articulating my sporadic thoughts was difficult during the past year, however, the process was necessary to capture the realism behind my lyrics.”

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