Posted on April 10, 2021 at 5:51 am

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Guerline Kamp Brings Forgotten Memories Collection At VFW F/W 2021

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Guerline Kamp Brings Forgotten Memories Collection At VFW F/W 2021

Guerline Kamp Brings Forgotten Memories Collection At VFW F/W 2021

Guerline Kamp – Guerline Kamp TO SHOW Forgotten Memories COLLECTION AT VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK FALL/WINTER 2021

March 10th, Werkendam, The Netherlands– Guerline Kamp is set to take the city by storm as Guerline Kamp presents their captivating collection at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the F/W 2021 Season. The featured brand is reflecting the relation between art and culture in a colorful and playful way.

Vancouver Fashion Week is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. Since its inception 20 years ago, VFW has operated with a firm belief in being a well-grounded local initiative with global instincts and intuition.

“At Vancouver Fashion Week, diversity really is our greatest strength. We bring together the most incredible design talent from across Canada and around the world, presenting the most forward-thinking creative concepts to the industry. Fashion is a truly global phenomenon and it’s so inspiring to see such a strong mix of designers all under one roof here in Vancouver.”

says Jamal Abdourahman, producer and founder of Vancouver Fashion Week.

Forgotten Memories are a collection of memories that you forgot or that are faded away. Do I really remember or do I think that I remember something from looking at a photo so many times and from the stories of my parents? With random household objects, I visualize the thoughts of blurring and distorting what you think you remember. As inspiration, I had a metal TapTap art piece from Haïti, the country where my roots are. The material of the object and Haitian culture lead me to a playful collection where color plays a big role and about 95% is made from reused materials.

April 16 – 18 2021

Guerline Kamp – I am always inspired by colors. Together with a maximalist style color is the key point that makes a product me. Working with accessories, especially hat pieces always triggers me and I like to find inspiration in the more abstract art. It is very important that there is always something humorous to find in what I make and finding a balance between all this without losing the wearable aspects really describes what I want to create and radiate to the world.

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Vancouver Fashion Week is entering its 36th season. Focusing on creating a diverse and eclectic showcase of talented local and international designers, VFW propels featured designers and esteemed brands to the forefront of fashion media and to industry buyers. This runway event is one of the fastest fashion weeks in the world, and since 2001, Vancouver Fashion Week has acted as a stepping-stone for emerging designers to launch their creations into the fashion industry in hopes of one day appearing on the stages of London, Paris, Milan, and New York.

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