Posted on April 16, 2021 at 5:29 am

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A Time To Fast, Pray And Reflect: Celebs Talk About Ramadan

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A Time To Fast, Pray And Reflect: Celebs Talk About Ramadan

A Time To Fast, Pray And Reflect: Celebs Talk About Ramadan

Aly Goni: I will mostly be in Jammu with my family this time because I think you can learn so many things at this time and I still love learning from my parents. It’s a different feeling altogether. Last year, I was all alone in Mumbai as there was a lockdown so my Ramadan month was lonely. I personally love this month. I think that since we have 12 months in a year, it is nice to dedicate one to Allah. During Roza, one can learn many things. When I am shooting, the Iftaar time is always very lively and fun. As all the cast joins me in your iftaar and that feeling is very joyful.

Shireen Mishra: Ramadan is my favorite month and I wait forever for it to come every year. I have been fasting since the age of 12 and I don’t remember a day where I didn’t fast in Ramadan. It’s a pure feeling which can’t be expressed. This month is a time to fast, pray and reflect. Fasting from food and water all day allows us to appreciate our lives more and be more thankful for what we have. Doing annual charity or donation gives an utmost peace. Sehri has been difficult for me since I live in Mumbai and I miss my family during it, especially when are sending me pics of all the felicitous food they are having. For Iiftaar I have always been very fortunate coz of the people I have worked with. Ekta ma’am and my Yeh Hai Mohabbatein team have been very helpful and kind. They give me a break for iftar and the entire unit cuts fruits together and we all break the fast together with us. And that’s where we all get together and we break the norms that society has created. It’s a beautiful sight to watch everyone gathering and the eating date and sharbat. This year I’m with my family in Jaipur and it’s the best feeling it’s something that I have missed for so many years. ‘Ramadan is a test but the peace you get is beautiful ‘

Shireen Mishra

Hasan Zaidi: This is a month of pureness and every year I look forward to this day. I will be shooting for my new show so I am yet to figure out how I will be doing. One gets cleansed in the body and the mind as well, it’s a time of introspection. I will pray to Allah that it works out well.

Hasan Zaidi

Zaan Khan: I have started keeping Roza since I was 7. It’s been 4-5 years that during Roza I am shooting. It’s a month of blessings for all of us and I keep all the Roza with lots of determination and focus. Onset, I don’t do much talking apart from my dialogues as I want to save energy. During this time when the whole world is seeing such tough times, I will be praying for all of us.

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