Posted on March 23, 2021 at 3:26 pm

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Sanj’s Digital Oyster : How Her Graphic Design is Touching Thousands of Hearts

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When I found Sanj’s Instagram (@tangerine.lab), I completely fell in love with her digital design. The way she tells a story through her graphic design really found a way to my heart and spoke volumes. The way she makes sure people love their skin, no matter how much melanin they have, everyone is beautiful in their own way. She speaks about justice, human rights, feminism, and about body positivity by using her artistic gifts to paint a portrait that helps to educate and unite everyone, no matter what race, religion, or gender they are. Her designs are beautiful and heartfelt. Make sure to check her Instagram out (@tangerine.lab)
1.) What fascinates you about graphic design?
For me, design has always been about problem-solving. Knowing the power a designer holds when they put out a piece of content has always been at the core of my ‘why’. Knowing that most decisions we make on a daily basis – from what chapstick we pick at the grocery store to which advertisement we stop to read while taking a stroll has always fascinated the designer in me.
2.) How did you get into graphic design, and who was your mentor?
I dabbled into design when I decided to pursue Architecture. Although this subject is very different from graphic design, at the core, they both are about using anything other than words to convey a message. I am 100% self-taught. We live in a world where anything you want to access is just a google search away. I have used this to my advantage and learned from industry experts who choose to share their knowledge online.
3.) What are some issues you are passionate about and would like to change in an ideal world 
I am extremely passionate about highlighting and supporting women in the world of entrepreneurs. I wish I had more women to look up to who occupied powerful spaces in the world and that is exactly why I choose to use my design skills to uplift women in business
4.) How has covid changed your outlook, and has it changed the way you present your work to your audience?
My business was born during the lockdown. When the world around me shut down, I saw the immense opportunity in showing my work online. It completely shifted my perception of what my career could look like. I was now sitting in my bedroom working with businesses halfway across the world, all because I chose to see the silver lining during the pandemic.
5.) What’s a motto that inspires you?
” My success is inevitable and I am always on the right path” This quote has been my guiding light in the past year.
6.) Do your parents support you? Any tips for aspiring graphic designers?
They always have and I am incredibly grateful to say that they always will. My biggest advice to aspiring designers would be to always remind yourself that you’re a work in progress – this way you’re never going to find yourself stuck, looking to achieve perfection. Focus on things you can control and trust the process
7.) All-time favorite Bollywood movie or song that lets your creative energy flow?
Om Shanti Om has to be my all-time fav Bollywood movie. Contradictory to popular belief, I choose podcasts over songs to get into flow while I am working.
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