Posted on March 28, 2021 at 9:29 pm

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How Fashion Blogger Tasmin Dhaliwal is Changing the Fashion Blogging Industry & More!

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Tasmin Dhaliwal, a fashion blogger from Toronto, has been changing the way we look at the fashion industry blogging and fashion as a whole. With a whopping 105K following on Instagram, Tasmin has been a force that radiates beauty and intelligence, but most importantly Tasmin Dhaliwal is humble and puts her all in her work. With her grace and elegance, Tasmin shows up on your Instagram as a force to be reckoned with. From her clothing content to Punjabi memes, Tasmin does it all! Check out her Instagram & TikTok (@tasdhaliwal).

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Interview with Tasmin Dhaliwal

1.) What inspires you daily?

My family inspires me every single day. Whenever I feel like I want to give up or I have a complaint they remind me of how important it is to keep going, and how much I can achieve if I don’t give up. This really makes all the difference in the world. Having a support system is so incredibly important. 

2.) What are some of your goals and aspirations?

I want to be healthier and happier than yesterday, every single day. I want to make the dream life I have designed in my head into a reality by working hard and focusing on the good. 

tasmin dhaliwal

3.) Tell me a little bit about yourself like a little blurb about your story and journey so far?

I really want everyone to know that you are exactly who you want to be. You can design your reality and you can change this reality if you wish. Who I was when I started my social media journey, is not who I am today. With that being said, I am so proud of who I was and who I’m becoming, because without her I would not be me. I have learned so much about what it means to be true to yourself, and I love sharing that side of me with my community online and offline!

4.) How was growing up in an Indian household for you?

It was actually a really positive experience. My parents have been incredibly supportive of me and my decisions. While this was not always the case, I do think it’s a give-and-take relationship that you have to find a balance in order to build trust, love, and boundaries. At first, I was scared to talk about my Youtube channel and my Instagram page..but when I did I had so much support from my parents. My dad encouraged my family to go support, like, and watch my content and my mom takes so many of my photos and gives me song ideas for my tik toks. Building this relationship means you put the effort in and keep it real. I am lucky and I know not everyone in our community has this experience with their parents, and to them, I would say there are only 2 people you need to please in this world. Your younger self, and your older self. Do what makes you happy because life is so short and things slip by so fast. 

5.) What’s your escape from the world when things get rough?

Working out, cooking, singing, lounging in the sun, making a nice iced coffee, and listening to some Frank Sinatra. 

tasmin dhaliwal lehenga
6.) Any advice for your younger self?

It’s okay to be different and not want to talk to EVERY one. Not everyone deserves to know the real you.

7.) What are some fun beauty tips that you would love to give to our viewers

Less is more, skincare is more important than makeup, and drink WATER! Trends always change and makeup isn’t permanent so just have fun! 

8.) What’s your Bollywood comfort film?

Om Shanti Om idk why 

tas posing with glasses
9.) How has life during covid been for you?

Bittersweet. It’s changed my life and honestly, as a selective Introvert, I would like to admit there are parts I am going to miss (Like my alone time).

10.) What have been some of your favorite moments this past year and how have you overcome your lows?

Learning how to really give my body and brain what it needs. Learning how to love me more and more every day.
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