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Exclusive Interview : Jamie Barthus – “Maar Roep My Mr Barthus”

South African Entertainer: Jamie Barthus

Exclusive Interview : Jamie Barthus - "Maar Roep My Mr Barthus"

Exclusive Interview: Jamie Barthus. When he is not being the essence of an essential worker, Jamie is surely keeping everyone entertained to the masses. Singer, Music Producer and Nurse Jamie Barthus has surely made a name for himself online. The Cape Town entertainer grew to fame by sharing his love for music and recreating music in the most unique form.

Jamie has a knack for taking mainstream music and creating the most relatable tracks for the South African community. He rose to fame recreating popular tracks and producing some epic singles fit for any weekend house party!

Although he enjoys his online persona, Jamie has a real passion for working with others. His work as an essential worker is truly profound and worth acknowledging. We wanted to know more about the man with the sound!

Jamie Barthus

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Jamie Barthus and how would you describe yourself?

I am 28 years old, from Cape Town, South Africa. Living in Steenberg, I am a professional nurse at Victoria Hospital. A part from nursing, I sing and produce music on the side for myself and others. I am also a proud father to a 5 year old boy and I think that’s the best part of me. I would describe myself as a loving caring person always wanting the best out of everything. I believe in positivity all the way.

You’ve become a local musical sensation independently online, what influenced your love for music?

I always knew I loved music but I was very shy when I was younger, as I got older I gained more confidence. I eventually learnt to play guitar and joined the school band. Ever since then, I played at university gigs, 21st parties and I even did a musical drama play with Natalia de Roche. I would train my voice singing to songs that I love and artists that I admired.

When did your independent musical journey start?

It started when I was 16 years old. I started making digital music production for myself at home in my room but I always wanted people to hear my music. Although, when people asked me to perform I would back out because I did not want that attention but I overcame that when I took part in a musical play and built up my confidence.

How has your life changed since you started sharing your music publicly?

I always wanted people to feel what I was feeling and you won’t believe the reactions. People comment how much they love it, and that brings joy to my heart because when I was younger I always had this vision that I would touch the world and even though it’s not the world yet, at least I touched people through my music.

Your lyrics are so original. How long does it usually take you to write lyrics and compose a remix?

About 3 to 4 hours. The song will be completed as in fully mixed and mastered with vocals and ready for the world to hear it. I guess when you enjoy what you are doing, it does not seem to be hard but more of having fun.

Jamie Barthus South Africa

Do you ever experience writers block and if so, what tips do you have when struggling with writers block?

Take a break. You don’t always have to post every day or every week. You are allowed to breath a bit. If people love you they will understand and will always be waiting on new content from you. It’s normal to have writers block  but remember it’s temporary.

You are known for your exceptional “Dames” remix and “senorita” remix. Did you ever think it would become such a local sensation?

No not at all. It was just something we did to promote a show and with dames to promote a company sound match. Those videos went viral within days. I guess just being yourself and surrounding yourself with other positive people brings you good luck.

Your work has inspired many online, especially the youth. What has the feedback been like thus far in terms of your community?

They are very supportive and good team players. Always asking for more. That’s exactly what I do when they ask for content. I spread awareness and by them sharing my content, it shows that they are also spreading the positive message across to other people. So it’s very supportive.

Jamie Barthus

How do you use your online platform to encourage awareness around social issues by using your music?

That is one of the biggest things I did especially during covid. I would make songs about washing your hands, wearing your mask help spread awareness to people around South Africa and other countries. People tend to listen to music more than what a person would tell you.

Jamie Barthus

What are some future projects that you have coming up?

I am coming up with new songs every single day. However, I still want to collab with some other artists in the future.

How has this new found fame or love for music changed your life and what advice do you have for other artists trying to make it independently?

Where ever I go, there is always someone who recognizes me, asking to take pictures etc. I guess hard work and being passionate pays off. Always stay true to yourself. Don’t let someone else’s shine affect yours, because we are all unique and we shed different lights.

With South Africa having such a unique sound, Jamie Barthus surely knows how to keep his audience moving! His tracks have kept many wanting more, especially during lockdown. His renditions and smooth vocals are caught on repeat! This is one entertainer worth listening to! Be sure to follow his journey on social media @barthusjamie .

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