Posted on March 26, 2021 at 7:44 pm

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Exclusive: A L R’s ‘Reminiscing’ is An Ode to A Lost Loved One

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A L R aka Abhilash LR

Exclusive: A L R's 'Reminiscing' is An Ode to A Lost Loved One

Exclusive: Abhilash LR – Reminiscing. Losing a loved one is always heart-wrenching. Each of us creates our own world and when we lose someone, a piece of that world fades away forever. With the pandemic, it’s hard to fathom how many worlds have changed or shrunk every day. A L R’s new single ‘Reminiscing’ touches upon nostalgia & mixed emotions which arise out of such deep personal losses.

A L R aka Abhilash LR is a singer-songwriter, expressing some of the most common human emotions with his songs. Rich with melodies, his music is minimalistic, honest, and often raw. The last single, “Under The Sheets” was featured on Rolingstone as one of the top releases of the month & also added to multiple editorial playlists on Spotify & Apple music.

Inspired by daily moments and the people around him. His words weave stories along with acoustic arrangements and that defines A L R‘s sound. When he is not writing songs, he dreams to escape the trap of 9-5 and travel the world spreading music & smiles.

Exclusive: A L R's 'Reminiscing' is An Ode to A Lost Loved One

Speaking about his third release, A L R says;
“I have always been passionate about telling stories & the new single Reminiscing is the story of me trying to process my grief of losing someone close. When I started reading stories about all the people who have lost someone to the pandemic, I decided to share this song. I hoped that it would resonate with someone out there.”
Above all, ‘Reminiscing’ takes you on a nostalgic ride to your Nani or Dadi’s house. Reminding you that a loved one is never really lost. Meddling with melancholy the song has bittersweet undertones. The songwriter looking at the bright side in a rather dark situation.
Exclusive: A L R's 'Reminiscing' is An Ode to A Lost Loved One
Furthermore, talking about the process of producing the song, A L R said “It was a very rewarding process as I got the chance to collaborate with some really talented musicians like Keba Jeremiah & Mervin Thomas. Similarly, due to the lockdown, none of us ever met in person but music brought us together. It was written in Mumbai, recorded in Himachal & produced in Chennai.”
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