Posted on February 1, 2021 at 1:43 am

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Roman Kahlone Unveils His New Single “Desi Boyz”

Roman Kahlone Unveils His New Single “Desi Boyz”

Roman Kahlone Unveils His New Single “Desi Boyz”

The wait is over and Desi Boyz by Roman Kahlone is out with a bang. The song received a good response. Drawing from hip-hop and RnB, Roman released Desi Boyz. He is a Hip hop artist and pop Singer-Songwriter who provides flair and variety in his music as he mixes South Asian pop beats with hip-hop energy.

Roman Kahlone

Singing in both English and Punjabi, he speaks to a modern, global audience united by a love of great beats and catchy, hook-filled songs. The contrast between his musical influences allows him to create with an open mind and see his art from a new angle. The song depicts the reality of today’s youngsters who are busy enjoying their night outs and have their own style of cherishing their lifestyle.

Song Desi Boyz, the singer-songwriter is Roman Kahlone himself. The music is given by Henri Brown, Genre is Punjabi Rap, Crossover, Desi hip-hop. Roman added, “I wrote this song considering the present generation and the title of the song is accordingly. The video of the song is enjoyable.

He further said I am working on bringing more tracks that viewers can enjoy tuning it and watching it. Let’s see which will be the next track.

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