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Legendary Sardool Sikander Passes Away At Age 60

Legendary Sardool Sikander Passes Away At Age 60

Legendary Sardool Sikander Passes Away At Age 60

“Duniya mein Sikander koi nahi… Haan, Waqt Sikander hota hai”

Remember the wedding parties in the ’90s? The songs people danced on for hours? Sardool Sikander was one of the known stage performers and was a great singer of the ’90s. Sardool Sikander delivered many great songs including “Gori Gal Utte” and ” Tor Punjaban Dee”. Sardool produced many duets with another singer Noori and married her later. They both had two boys together Alaap and Sarang Sikander.

Sidrool Sikander had deep ties with many other singers including Bindrakiya and Master Saleem. He departs the world on February 24, 2021, leaving the world of music in sadness. The cause of his death was covid19.

About Sardool Sikander

Sardool Sikander was an Indian singer associated with Punjabi-language folk and pop music, who made his first appearances on radio and television in the early 1980s with his introductory album, “Roadways Di Laari”. He also acted in some Punjabi language films, like Jagga Daku. Sardool’s father, the late Sagar Mastana, was a famous tabla player who invented a special type of tabla that was played with a thin bamboo stick.

Born in the Kheri Naudh Singh in district Fatehgarh Sahib, he belonged to the Patiala Gharana of music.[citation needed] Sardool had 27 albums to his credit. His work has been included in over 50 derivative albums from all over the world. His album ‘Husna De Malko’ released in 1991 sold 5.1 million copies worldwide and is still selling.

Various tweets from around the world for this legendary loss.

Singer Mika Singh says,

When we talk about Punjabi singing or voice-only one name comes to mind.. the legendary #SardoolSikander. Sadly he has left for his heavenly abode. This is the most upsetting news that I have heard, I truly wish I could have met him just once more.

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