Posted on January 21, 2021 at 2:21 am


Alternatives to Smoking

Of the 7 billion people in the world, more than one billion smoke cigarettes. The consumption and production are variably divided between the countries, with those like China, Russia, and Hungary taking the lead in most cigarettes smoked by an adult every day. However, Americans also intake an astonishingly high number of cigarettes. Around 34 million people smoke for different reasons in America, as per a recent survey. There have been many educational campaigns, seminars, projects, social discussions, and legal restrictions to discourage smoking in the past decades. Though smokers’ statistics keep increasing, many people are also realizing its negative consequences and making an effort to shift to smokeless alternatives, like the Black Buffalo tobacco products. Some people entirely quit tobacco and use other pain-relieving options, like CBD cream. However, this article discusses the impacts of traditional smoking and other modern alternatives.

The Impact of Cigarette Smoke

Smoking affects the body in irrevocable ways, and smoke that results from burning tobacco is the main culprit. Alongside destroying the health of the users, it also impacts people who had nothing to do with it. Studies prove that people in the vicinity of smokers unwittingly turn into passive smokers due to smoke’s adverse influence. When a person lights and inhales a cigarette, they release many toxins in the smoke. These chemicals then become a part of the air that others breathe, entering their systems too. Secondhand smoke can result in heart disease and raise the risk of strokes in extreme cases.

Moreover, cigarette smoke is also a pollutant. It damages the quality of the air, and subsequently, water in the environment. Animals or wildlife that use these natural resources also faces health complications. Since there aren’t many sophisticated doctors and health systems available to diagnose and treat them, they suffer from premature deaths. These are only some of the many dire consequences of smoke that people are gradually realizing over time.

Alternatives to Smoking

As discussed above, cigarette smoke is toxic to almost everyone directly or indirectly contacting it. However, cigarette addiction is real and challenging to stop. To receive the same euphoric effect while minimizing the losses, people turn to smokeless alternatives of tobacco. 

  • Chewing Tobacco

It is a crushed and grounded form of tobacco leaves that does not release smoke. There has been a rise in the statistics of companies that produce chewing tobacco. They serve it in pouches that resemble tea bags or small metal tins. Chewing tobacco is a grainy substance that users can suck before chewing. It provides the same relief from stress as cigarettes but gets rid of the smoke.

  • Snuff

After chewing tobacco, snuff is the most common form of smokeless tobacco. It is similar to the one used for chewing, but the grains are more finely grounded. As a  result, it has a subtle form, and people can use different methods for intake. While some prefer to chew it, others like to sniff it through the nose. It provides the same dopamine and adrenaline rush as nicotine is an ingredient, and many people reflect that it helps them feels happier and productive.

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