Posted on December 13, 2020 at 11:43 pm

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SUVI And 3ritain’s Latest Collaboration “Rani Raja” Out Dec 25

SUVI and 3ritain’s Latest Collaboration “Rani Raja” Out Dec 25

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SUVI and 3ritain’s Latest Collaboration “Rani Raja” out on December 25th

SUVI and 3ritain’s latest collaboration “Rani Raja” is a gender-bending, grimy and bass-driven sound that embodies edgy Hip-Hop flows blended tastefully with Indian scales and creamy beats. The song, blending together a phenomenal blend of flowing lines, poetic raps, and Indian scales, lures you into an entrancing world of auditory seduction. The song boasts elements of ratchet drums, a strong Eastern rhythmic production, with the use of a sampled buzzing Shenhai Indian woodwind instrument that creates an original and electrifying sound. The track artfully blends with rhythmic and pulsating drums, beats, and flows floating across scales of South Asian-inspired vocal lines and melodies. The poignant lyricism also tells a story of prevailing against all odds, a tale of the winning and victorious underdog while embodying androgynous elements attesting to the empowering nature of this song.

The title of the track “Rani Raja” refers to Queen and King in the South Asian language of Hindi. SUVI sings the line “Don’t you know I’m a Rockstar, call me, call me, call Raja,” while her counterpart and collaborator on this track, 3ritain, cuts into the song with the flow “Feeling like a Rani, but you can call me Robbie.” This sumptuously embodies the male voice embodying the female aspect, with the feminine voice embodying the masculine aspect, taking us deeper on this single’s status quo shattering odyssey.

“Rani Raja” carries a feeling of empowerment and a striving to achieve more in the full expression and experience of life. The song becomes almost a big belting collaboration of sounds, beats and rhythms that get your heart pumping and your emotions feeling like you can conquer the world. With a bass-driven track, blending with harmonic elements from the South Asian continent and seamlessly crafted lyrics, “Rani Raja” is a sound you simply cannot miss. While challenging notions of traditional gender norms, the song creates a titillating excitement throughout the track that inspires and elevates and keeps you coming back for more.

Check out “Rani Raja” currently streaming on all major platforms!

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