Posted on December 16, 2020 at 1:51 am

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Oye Kunaal Talks About His New Song ‘Uss Gali’ Ft. Chaarvi Dutta

Oye Kunaal Talks About His New Song ‘Uss Gali’ Ft. Chaarvi Dutta

Oye Kunaal Talks About His New Song ‘Uss Gali’ Ft. Chaarvi Dutta

Oye Kunaal, known for his songs “Waqt”, “Shukar Kar”, “Hanjua Di Tha”, and “Patola”, recently released his new song “Ek Dafa Toh Mil” featuring actors Arjit Taneja and Anjum Fakih. In no time, the song has become a huge hit. Now the soulful singer is ready with his next song Uss Gali featuring him and actress Charvi Dutta.

Speaking of the new number, Kunaal says,

” Uss Gali is a sad romantic song. Its a breakup song that says I couldn’t go back to the path where I have been and still remember the time I spent with my beloved. This has been my favorite genre. I have composed and sung the song, while Rishabh Puri has written the song and also produced it. The video is being directed by Manish Soni, who is also known as Tedda Banda. We have shot this song in a place that is a one hour drive from Chandigarh. During the shooting, we have maintained social distancing and all protocols of shooting during a pandemic – right from wearing masks to sanitizing everything. We were all very conscious and alert. Working with Charvi was also fun and she made me very comfortable in front of the camera.”


Speaking about his personal life Kunaal says,” I have been through a heartbreak. As an artist, I seek inspiration from people I meet on a day to day basis. Most of my inspiration comes from my favorite spot in Mumbai – a coffee shop where I find so many emotions. As a singer, I always prefer melody over anything else. It is evergreen so I like romantic and semi-sad songs. I have started writing songs and stories for quite some time now. Writing is something which I enjoy a lot. My focus in my career now is to make good music. I have been getting a few acting assignments also. I might take a couple of them in the future.”

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