Posted on November 20, 2020 at 7:00 am

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This Is What Suresh Raina Has To Say On International Men’s Day

Veteran India batsman Suresh Raina on the occasion of International Men’s Day. He said that we need to envision men as active co-parents.

Raina feels that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the lifestyle and responsibilities of many men.

Suresh Raina, who announced his retirement from international cricket this year. He said that men spent more time with families during the pandemic and involved themselves in several activities at home.

“For many men, the pandemic has altered the entire lifestyle and responsibilities,” Raina told to a news agency.

“Never before have so many men spent so much time deep in the family trenches. With the pandemic came more time at home for everyone. And with that, came more time with their families especially children, getting involved in activities like making lunches, managing schedules, negotiating television and video game time, tending to tantrums and sibling spats.

This International Men’s Day, we need to envision men as active co-parents, who are not just “helpers” in parenting but also an equal-half, who take up equal responsibility.

Raina further said the perennial generation is more open to change and are getting more involved with their children.

“We need to create a fertile environment for today’s perennials (millennial who is a parent) to question regressive gendered division of labour and establish better parental bonds with his child. The perennial generation, comprised young parents, is more open to this change. It’s great to see the perennial fathers actively trying to change the usual behaviour pattern and get more involved with their children,” said Raina.

Thomas Oaster launched an annual event on International Men’s Day. It is to raise awareness about the issues men face.

On the professional front, Raina missed the recently concluded Indian Premier League in UAE due to personal reasons.

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