Posted on October 4, 2020 at 8:40 pm

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Which Industries Are Using Livestreaming Most Effectively in 2020?

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Livestreaming is the act of recording and broadcasting something as it happens. This kind of content was limited to television a couple of years ago, but now (thanks to advancements in technology) people everywhere can produce their own live content. As a result, businesses have also started using live streams to their advantage. And so, in our article today, we are going to be analyzing which industries are employing live-streaming most effectively in 2020. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

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Social Media

Social media platforms have been key in popularising live stream content. Not only is live streaming the perfect way for friends to stay updated with the goings-on in one another ‘s lives but also it means that celebrities are able to connect and communicate with their audience. For example, influencers often use live streams to vlog their day-to-day lives and interact with what their fans are saying.

Online Gaming

The gaming industry has been using live streams for much longer than most others, predominantly through platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This allows audiences to watch their favourite icons play video games in real-time, an activity that has proven itself to be very enjoyable and popular in the gaming community. Live Streaming has also given rise to things like esports, where gamers compete against one another and thousands can watch them do so. Furthermore, online casino sites like allow users to bet on live games of roulette, blackjack, poker, etc. The gaming industry has explored a massive variety of avenues with live streaming and now the only question is – where can it go next?

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry has become a behemoth in recent years, thanks to retailers shifting their services onto e-commerce platforms. As such, advertising agencies have been trying to find new ways to market themselves and their content online. This has resulted in live streaming becoming a popular form of digital marketing. For example, companies might broadcast a Q&A to their customers or employ an influencer to talk about their product on a Livestream. As social media platforms automatically notify people when someone has started live streaming, this increases engagement for this type of marketing.

Delivering Education

It has become increasingly popular in recent years for educational institutions (like colleges and universities) to teach their classes remotely through live streams. For example, a lecturer might set up a camera and broadcast their lesson. This has made teaching more convenient, especially considering how unreliable students can be. People are also using live streams to deliver informative webinars that learners can participate in.

Businesses Everywhere

On a broader scale, live streams are also used by businesses across the world. They have been invariably useful when it comes to conferences. Rather than traveling thousands of miles to speak with clients or collaborators, businesses can simply live stream and talk to one another via video call.

These are the main industries that are using live streaming effectively. As this technology becomes increasingly popular and sophisticated, we expect even more industries to make use of it.

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