Posted on October 4, 2020 at 11:15 pm

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Soumita’s Painting Dedicated Hathras Rape Case Touches Netizen’s Heart

Soumita’s Painting Dedicated Hathras Rape Case Touches Netizen’s Heart

The horrific incident of the Hathras rape and murder case has shaken the conscience of the whole nation.

A 19-year-old woman in Hathras, who was gang-raped and severely injured and left to die on September 14, succumbed to grave injuries while battling for life at a hospital in Delhi. There are several contradictory claims in the case, some even dismissing the rape angle. But the nation is fuming, conveying yet another rape, yet another woman violated, yet another woman assaulted, yet another woman heinously tortured, a woman who died without justice being served to her and she was a Dalit. It boils your blood, you fear for yourself and your daughter. Netizens have only one question “When will this country ever be safe for women?” Artists from all genres of performing arts took the internet protesting against the crime. Kolkata’s singing sensation Soumita took the internet Posting a magnificent painting titled “Torment”.

Soumita Saha has expressed her fury over the horrific Hathras incident where a 19-year-old Dalit woman was gang-raped by four men. The woman had been battling for her life for weeks but succumbed to her injuries at a Delhi hospital on Tuesday. Condemning the condition and treatment of women in India, Soumita posted a picture of a Painting that had an extensive note on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter detailing the caption as “They didn’t just burn Manisha Valmiki’s Body..But India’s conscience went up in flames”. Like every other Indian protesting against the crime, Soumita was touched by the fact that before the incident could sink in, the victim’s body was forcefully cremated without the permission of her family. Soumita named her artwork “torment”.

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