Posted on October 5, 2020 at 5:00 am

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Sonu Nigam’s Jo Tune Likha Is The 3rd Song Presented By ‘I Believe Music’

Sonu Nigam‘s is a voice music lovers have loved and revered worldwide for decades now.

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

Lately, he’s has been seen transcend into a very Zen like zone and that indeed is refreshing especially in times like these.

And music aficionados are thrilled to know that Sonu is soon to release his new single. The healing anthem of the year ‘Jo Tune Likha’ on his Label I Believe Music.

According to Sonu Nigam, who is visiting Mumbai after spending a large part of the year in Dubai,

“The music that you create or listen or give out to the world, depends upon the state of being you are in. This song ‘Jo Tune Likha’, is a song that captures my wavelength, that of absolute surrender to the Universe, in a very contemporary, cool and non imposing manner.”

The song celebrates life and its myriad forms, it celebrates being alive. It reinforces the importance of having faith in the almighty and surrendering to his powers.

‘Jo Tune Likha’ is the third song presented by newage music label ‘I Believe Music’. After ‘Rudrashtakam’ and ‘Kushal Chapalgati Nachtati Ganpati’.

According to Sonu,

“The music that we intend to bring out through I Believe Music, is for sure going to be of the highest standards, so when 5 years later when people look back at the overall catalogue we create, they will look and talk about it with respect and approbation.”

Jo Tune Likha, penned by Kunaal Vermaa and composed by Sahaj, had its score recorded at the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra. Which has further enhanced this soulful and soothing track by Sonu.

Sonu over the last few months, despite being stationed in Dubai has kept himself busy by working on new songs. Doing a series on virtual concerts and enthralling his fans with his Vlogs.

In fact he was one of the few artists across the globe. The one who did a live concert in Dubai during times like this.

Jo Tune Likha is Sonu’s way of spreading a glimmer of hope and instilling belief in people that life. It is the biggest blessing that God almighty has bestowed on the mankind. And that -every aspect of life is an experience to cherish.

The composer, Sahaj added,

“It has been a gratifying experience to work on this song and I hope it reaches to the hearts of the people.”

Its time we celebrate Jo Tune Likha… kyunki… hoga wahi …Jo Tune Likha.

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