Posted on October 1, 2020 at 2:08 am

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Actor Anthony Starr Spills The Milk On Sequence Of The Boys S2

Actor Anthony Starr Spills The Milk On Sequence Of The Boys S2

Actor Anthony Starr Spills The Milk On Sequence Of The Boys S2

With an incredibly well-received season, 1 of the Amazon original series The Boys, the weekly episodes of season 2 have each one of us gripping tight to our couches. With action-packed drama and dark humor aplenty, the second season has taken the show a notch higher in every aspect than before. Things are certainly more diabolical as the story keeps going deeper along with every character developing an unimaginable transformation. Believe it or not, even the horrible Supes!

As narcissistic and emotionally challenged as the leader of The Seven – Homelander can be, we see a shift in the dynamism and his power being threatened this time. Leading to a host of complicated standpoints, it is the actor Anthony Starr who seems to have portrayed this convoluted character effortlessly.

Speaking on one of the most bizarre scenes, Anthony Starr says, “There is a scene in the fourth episode of Season 2 in which Homelander thoroughly confronts himself after some self-reflection. He finds some resolve and new layers to his own character.” The scene that Starr is talking about is when Homelander faces his worst enemy, himself. The strange sequence gives a deeply-rooted and yet a messed-up psychological imploration, giving Homelander a taste of his own medicine. Without further spoiling the appalling and hysterical scene, Starr continues, “It was very fun to play and discover the bizarre psychological aspects about the character. I think the audience will have fun watching Homelander confront himself.”

Being the absolute menace that he is, one could have never imagined that there’ll be a day where we would strangely feel for the terrifying psychopath Homelander. For us as audiences, it’s scenes like these that become a visual treat as well as providing one ample food for thought. With days running closer to the finale, watch all 6 episodes of The Boys Season 2 now only on Amazon Prime Video.

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