Posted on September 26, 2020 at 6:23 am

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Suvi Released Her Latest Single Titled “Dopamine”

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Suvi Released Her Latest Single Titled “Dopamine”

Suvi Released Her Latest Single Titled “Dopamine”

SUVI is a triple-threat singer, songwriter, and DJ from Los Angeles, CA. She just released her latest single titled “Dopamine” on September 25, 2020.

“Dopamine” is a beautiful collection of Hip-Hip, South Indian rhythm, and melodies with a hint of spiritualism that entices you into a state of pure audio bliss. This phenomenal songwriter has a skilled ability to write never-ending flows of lyrical gold that drip effortlessly the moment her hand hits pen to paper.

Her collaboration with Parimal Shais, a South Indian artist and producer, on “Dopamine” is absolute sonic energy. Her rapping and writing skills, coupled with her South Indian vocal melodies and scales, with rhythm and bass-driven music production, honor the roots where both Parimal and SUVI come from. The song boasts of elements such as the Panchavadyam literally meaning an orchestra of five instruments, which is basically a temple art form that has evolved in the South Indian state of Kerala. The song allows the listener to be subdued into their very own unique world as these creative South Asian artists living in different corners of the world come together on this project to create such a distinctive sound.

The music that evolved from the cultural amalgamation of the two corners of the world where these artists live, creating a sound that is the grimy, bass, and the rhythm-driven single “Dopamine.”

SUVI gives us her personal insight on what gives her the “Dopamine” she needs in life and what inspires her to keep forward as an artist and what motivates her as a human being. On her inspiration for the song, SUVI shares that, “Dopamine is about how I got out of depression. I was self-inflicting pain and emotional conflicts because I couldn’t see hope in anything around me.” She says, “The world is such a beautiful place but there was so much bad happening to so many people and most of us just dealt with it or turned a blind eye towards it. I had to save myself from going into the trenches of a Death Valley.” She continues, “So then why do we try to change things around us instead of changing from the person within? I found so much dopamine when I started looking inside.”

SUVI shares more by saying, “All along, we had been conditioned to look for more and more in the materialistic world for happiness that we fail to learn so much about ourselves. I hope that everyone can find their own dopamine because it is a gift that never stops giving. It is the untapped source of wealth that’s just waiting to be found.”

Check out SUVI’s “Dopamine” now streaming on all major streaming platforms!

“Look within yourself to find what you are looking for! The motivation, the strength, the beliefs, the code of conduct, the passion, the purpose, the inner wisdom; it is all right there.”


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