Posted on September 9, 2020 at 9:53 pm

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Music Exclusive: Suman Releases ‘Crazy Over You’ Track

Suman – ‘Crazy Over You’

Music Exclusive: Suman Releases ‘Crazy Over You’ Track

Exclusive: Suman Releases Crazy Over You. British Hip-Hop musician, Suman, has just released her brand new single, ‘Crazy Over You’. A track which is filled with unforgivably catchy hooks and verses which are set to have deep impact on the global hip-hop and dance hall scene.

The new release follows the highly successful track ‘Eyes On You’ which saw Suman team up with KC Pozzy. Nevertheless, Suman has taken a new direction with ‘Crazy Over You’ and it is refreshing to see this new side with Suman adding a sprinkle of eastern influence.

The track opens as it means to go on with Suman delivering an impeccable vocal. Also the chorus will play out in your head for a long time after due to its unforgettable melody.

‘Crazy Over You’ is as powerful as they come and its attraction is magnetic. Also, it is refreshingly unique, yet it remains relevant in today’s scene. If fresh new infectious dance hall undertones is what you crave, then this track is for you.

Therefore, grab it whilst its hot! The song is extremely catchy and brings such an aesthetic to our playlist! Not to mention Suman serving in the music video. Her fit and vocals bring flames to the screen! This is definitely a song worth playing on repeat.

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