Posted on September 17, 2020 at 8:00 am

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Mahhi Vij Teaches Baby Tara Instilling Qualities Of Being Independent At A Young Age

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As they say, it is essential to make your children Independent at a young age for them to embedd strong values and learn to do things for themselves, which in turn can help them survive better in the long run.
Mahhi Vij with baby Tara
Mahhi Vij with baby Tara

Mother of 3 and actress Mahhi Vij too, strongly believes in this aspect. She has taken up the task of ensuring that all her 3 children in someway or the other.

They are learning to do basic things in the house by themselves, and with the lockdown in place. As well, Mahhi has really made sure her kids be as Independant in their own way possible.
While her elder children Khushi and Rajveer have already taken to doing small chores by themselves. Mahhi has now even taken to instilling that quality in her youngest daughter Tara as well.
In a recent social media post, Mahhi can be seen teaching baby Tara how to brush on her own. Which she clearly seems to be enjoying. Focussing on the little doings at this young an age. Mahhi is ensuring that Tara also becomes Independent in her own little way, which can help her carry on these traits in the future.

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