Posted on September 12, 2020 at 12:27 pm

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Exclusive: Ansar and Manïn Release New Track ‘Won’t Hold Back’

Ansar and Manïn – Won’t Hold Back

Ansar and Manïn - Won't Hold Back

Exclusive: Ansar and Manïn and release new track titled ‘Won’t Hold Back. 2020, stuck indoors, searching for a bomb playlist right? This year has certainly brought some surprises but there it nothing better than new music! Artists Ansar and Manïn worked on a collaboration to bring us a fire single that is rotating on our Spotify playlists right now!

The track ‘Won’t Hold Back’ was recently released earlier this month and has been making waves online. Manïn produced a killer beat accompanied by Ansar‘s undeniable and thought-provoking bars. The rapper and songwriter dug deep into himself to deliver bars that speak to our souls. The lyrics are so relatable yet create a calming sense of self to identify with.

“Won’t Hold Back on me, No Catastrophe.”
Exclusive: Ansar and Manïn Release New Track 'Won't Hold Back'
   Photography by Saadia Shahid

Ansar being a rap-infused prodigy from a young age surely had a great deal of musical influence over the years. His love for written word and lyrical skill surely shows in his track list. He has previously mentioned the notion of working with a beat and having it all flow as he works on a track.

This track evokes such a significantly deep side to the musician and what he has to offer in his upcoming EP. He has announced the release of two tracks and one more coming out soon. We cannot wait to hear more!

“Won’t’ Hold Back on Me. Stack That Cash For Me”

The lyrics to this song are extremely catchy and has us wanting it on constant replay. The beat by Manïn truly brings a calming tone to our ears with the help of Ansar‘s voice. This duo surely knew how to bring music lovers together with this track.

Be sure to listen to the track on Spotify and Soundcloud. Trust us, it deserves to be on your playlist, you wouldn’t want to ‘hold back’ on this! Subscribe to Ansar‘s Youtube channel and Follow his Spotify to get his latest tracks.

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