Posted on August 24, 2020 at 2:18 pm

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Panorama Studios Expands Its Footprint By Setting Up An Office In Ahmedabad

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Fresh from the success of Khuda Haafiz (available on Disney+ Hotstar VIP). Panorama Studios has expanded its footprint in the country by opening an office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Panorama Studios Expands Its Footprint By Setting Up An Office In Ahmedabad
Panorama Studios Expands Its Footprint By Setting Up An Office In Ahmedabad

The huge milestone comes for the leading production & distribution house. After having produced over 50 films in Hindi and other regional languages. It’s distributed over 500 films in multiple languages across India and overseas.

The new office is an addition to the existing three offices (in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore) that Panorama Studios operates from, within India.

It has been established in Ahmedabad for the production, marketing & distribution of Gujarati films. As an addition to their existing slate of releases.

Panorama Studios, in association with VCS Industries Ltd, will jointly run operations. This is in order to provide the said services to the producers & exhibitors of Gujarat with the expertise available locally.

The entity will offer a wide range of services including production, distribution, marketing, social media marketing, online and offline PR, publicity design & audiovisual campaign, P&A support, co-production support, in-film branding, co-branding for ready films, etc.

Abhishek Pathak, Director – Panorama Studios says,

“We at Panorama Studios are very positive and excited about having planted a new arm of business in Ahmedabad. It is one of the most vibrant cities in India and we hope to cater generously to its populace. This new office will be an extension of our voice in cinema for the Northwest region.”

Murlidhar Chhatwani, Managing Partner – Panorama Studios says,

“We are glad to be able to set a base in a city that is culturally rich and is so perceptive to cinema. Gujarati cinema has evolved to a great extent and tapping into the talent and craft that comes from there will fortify our repertoire.”

Co-Founder and Directors at VCS Industries Ltd. Rahul Dhyani & Anish Patel jointly say,

“Just one great partnership with the right production & distributor company like Panorama Studios will have an incredible impact on our business horizons with film market leading “VCS” Company in Gujarat. Insiders of the Gujarati film industry have had to travel to and from Mumbai for solutions such as marketing, movie release, overseas distribution, etc. Gollywood producers will have easy access to these solutions with our new office in Ahmedabad.”

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