Posted on August 21, 2020 at 3:31 am

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Affordable Sportswear Brands in India

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In the clothing and apparel segment, sportswear has marked its place as essentials. It cannot be denied that sports and other activities require a different fabric that is not just comfortable but flexible. That is one good reason why sportswear is so essential. Most of us are familiar with high-end sportswear brands like Nike CrossFit Shoes, Puma, etc. which can easily cost you more than your budget.

Nonetheless, there are some equally capable and amazing brands like Lotto, Decathlon, Kappa, Adidas India, and many more with potential in the sportswear section. So, why not have a look at the six best affordable sportswear brands in India which won’t take a lot from your pocket.



Adidas India is one of the most popular brands in our country. It specializes in sportswear with a range of trendy, fashionable yet comfortable essentials. Adidas brings high-quality products designed by professionals for a perfect experience. They are famous for introducing clothing and apparel made with high-quality fabric that absorbs sweat and has the perfect elasticity for sports. Adidas India collections like Ultraboost, Predators, Nemeziz, Copa, X, Home of Classics, and Nite Joggers are exponentially famous amongst the Indian audience.

Adidas India brings clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and kids. Their top brands include Adidas Originals, Adidas Sports Performance, and Adidas Essentials. The brand’s most popular footwear includes ultra-boost shoes, sneakers, superstars, and football boots. Adidas India products are readily available on most online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and more. One can also visit their official site to shop from the exclusive range. Moreover, the brand caters to timely discounts for its audience to help them save on every purchase. Checkout Adidas India coupons that would help you get enormous discounts on all the categories.


Lotto tops the list of affordable sportswear brands in India as it is a great alternative to brands like Puma, Nike, etc. It brings exclusive sportswear for various sports like Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, and Athletics. The brand never compromises with the quality and delivers a trendy range of sportswear like T-Shirts, Joggers, Footwear, Shorts, and much more for Men, Women, and Kids.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Lotto has introduced the entire range of products at nearly half the Nike and Adidas price. One can shop for Lotto products from their official website or other e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.


Introduced by Fila brothers in 1909, Fila is not just a sportswear brand but a fashionable and trendy sportswear brand. After years of decline, the brand has rebooted and grown exponentially with sportswear that not just follows but makes fashion. The brand has been targeting its consumer base with a price skimming approach. In 2018, Fila Disruptors were voted the best sneakers for women. According to many fashion experts, Fila is exquisitely taking inspiration from fashion in the ’80s and ’90s to bring more clout.

The top categories os Fila Sportswear includes Sneakers, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Joggers, and Tops. The best part is that Fila knows how to make a market presence, which is why they have priced their products at fairly cheaper rates compared to Nike and Puma’s prices. Fila products are available on various online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Ajio.


Kappa is an Italian sportswear brand that has marked its place in the Indian market, amongst many other affordable sportswear brands. Interestingly, Kappa has been manufacturing sports uniforms for many teams worldwide for sports like Volleyball, Football, Rugby, etc. Their exclusive range of Gym wear apparel and workout clothes is most prevalent in India.

Besides that, the brand has a fashionable and comfortable range of clothing, including T-shirts, Joggers, Track Pants, Track Suits, Sweatshirts, and a lot more at significantly budget-friendly prices. One can shop for Kappa apparel from Lifestyle stores, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, and many other online platforms.


Asics is a Japanese athletic commodities company that specializes in footwear and apparel for several sports. Out of all the categories, Asics shoes are quite popular amongst the Indian audience. Their shoes are ethically designed, keeping the mind the trends and comfort of the users in mind. Although the brand’s sportswear essentials are comparatively pricier than other affordable brands like Lotto, the reliability, durability, and comfort of Asics products balance the difference efficiently.

This brand is available on many online websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntrs, and in-stores. One can also visit their official site to shop from the exclusive range. Also, do not forget to use the available offers to save a little more on your budget.


Decathlon has recently gained popularity in India with its transformative sportswear. With over 40 years of goodwill in the global market, Decathlon is one of the best affordable sportswear brands. They have made high-quality products at significantly lower costs with a model that produces the best value-to-price ratio. The brand has an integrated designing team that optimizes the material, components, shapes, etc. to bring out the most trendy apparels.

Decathlon has segregated its products according to sports or activities such as Cycling, Exercise, Precision Sports, Athletics, Biking, Hiking, and more. Some of the best product categories are Jackets, T-shirts, Footwear, and Bottoms. Decathlon products are available on e-commerce websites like Myntra and Amazon. One can also shop from their official website or nearby stores.

Our Verdict

Brand preference depends on the public. Some people are willing to shop from high-end brands like Nike and Puma, whereas some are more interested in the quality of the product no matter if it’s cheaper. If you are one of the audience’s latter segments, you can shop from the above-described affordable sportswear brands in India. So, why shop for expensive brands when you can get the same, perhaps better, quality within your budget. All of these brands specialize in budget-friendly sportswear without compromising the quality and trends.

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