Posted on July 24, 2020 at 12:53 am

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World Day of International Justice commemorated in Artistic Manner

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World Day of International Justice commemorated in Artistic Manner

World Day of International Justice commemorated in Artistic Manner
World Day for International Justice, also referred to as Day of International Criminal Justice or International Justice Day, is an international day celebrated throughout the world on July 17 as part of an effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice.
Kolkata’s singing sensation of International fame Soumita Saha raises awareness about the right use of Criminal Justice through the social network.

Soumita is famous for voicing her opinion against various social issues. The young singing sensation’s international debut became a mega-hit this year, she has also lent her voice in various singles yet to be released from leading record labels of the country. She is fondly dubbed by media and audience as ‘Ishq Girl’ for her debut hit ‘ISHQ’. She is the best know in the Tollywood music industry for her contribution to the field of Tagore Music.

The young singing sensation is not only a singer with a mellifluous soulful voice but also an artist known nationwide for her contribution to the field of art. She was recently featured as one of the best emerging artists of the year 2020 in the list of 10 promising artists.

The young artist dedicates a magnificent artwork to raise awareness for World Day of Justice conveying a special message. She posts a glimpse of her artwork nearing completion with a message “We’re nearing International Day Of Justice. Therefore working on a completely new thought. I might name this ” Wakeup Call”. Yes, we all agree that nobody is above the law, similarity the loopholes can ruin the life of an innocent person anytime. Being a responsible citizen of independent India I support women empowerment, but not the misuse of laws coined to protect women.

The rise in the misuse of women protection laws lowered the conviction rate. A survey report says that 75 percent of rape claims are false. Every one man out of four is facing false allegations and fake FIRs and even suffers for long periods of time in jail despite being innocent.

Incomplete project nearing completion”
As her work “Wake Up Call ” sees the dawn of completion the songbird says ” Having full faith on judicial system has nothing to do with the protection of its misuse. I am not at all against the use of laws coined to protect women. But unfortunately, those who need protection are either unaware or not in favor of using these laws. And those who do not need are misusing these laws and framing innocent men. Crime has no gender inclinity. Presuming male members as suspects is something that doesn’t make us global at all. We sing the praise of globalization on one side and nurture this stereotypical mentality on the other side. ”
Soumita also added “I have witnessed such incidents taking place in my family and close friends circle. Justice shouldn’t see gender as crime has no inclined towards any gender. My request to the responsible citizens of independent India is, do not misuse laws coined for protection of women, do not support misuse,Wake up ” .

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