Posted on July 16, 2020 at 11:44 pm

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Abhisting A New York-based Singer/Rapper Releases New Single ‘Wind Up’

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Abhisting A New York-based Singer/Rapper Releases New Single ‘Wind Up’

New York-based Singer/ Rapper has announced the release of his new single ‘Wind Up’.

Abhisting is no newcomer to the music industry who has had his music videos on MTV India and getting interviews/songs premiered on the BBC Asian Network. He has also supported International artists Fateh and Mickey Singh at numerous events. Abhisting, 28-year-old, has been slowly working away for the last few years building his name, working with established artists such as Raxstar, and releasing a vast catalog of hit records.

Abhisting is back with his brand new single ‘Wind Up’, featuring Indian Pop artist Neel, who has had recent success with songs Mashooqa, Tere Deewana, and 1 Up.

‘Wind Up’ can be described as a mid-tempo Urban Asian fusion. The catchy melody will definitely have you singing along and will be sure to go down well live once things go back to normal. Abhisting aims to keep people’s spirits high with the sound and message of ‘Wind Up’.

With constant support from numerous media outlets, it is fair to say Abhisting is here to stay.

‘Wind Up’ is now available on all major platforms.

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