Posted on July 14, 2020 at 11:59 pm

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Hemina Shah “Tours the World” Release Bollywood Lockdown Album

Hemina Shah “Tours the World” Release Bollywood Lockdown Album

Hemina Shah “Tours the World” Release Bollywood Lockdown Album

Who needs fancy studios and equipment when you can create beautiful music from your own home? No words will do justice to everyone’s individual experiences over the last few months. Musicians and artists have also been impacted harshly; having to stop performing at gigs overnight, many with no backup plans or alternative sources of income.

“We are all stuck in the same boat trying to survive the Covid-19 tsunami. However, it is not all doom and gloom. There is soo much amazing talent around the world that twiddling our thumbs and wondering what to do next was not an option we wanted to consider”, says British Indian singer Hemina Shah, who currently resides in Singapore. “The lockdowns provided me with the time to reflect and connect with my passion. The extra time allowed me to try out something different. So I connected with talented musicians around the world to create some Bollywood fusion mixes after all music is truly a universal language”.

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The album consists of 6 Bollywood tunes in different musical styles, including Reggae, Jazz, Classical, Irish, and Lounge. For this project, Hemina collaborated with Jaime Hinckson from Miami, Carlos Barba from El-Paso, Texas, Igor Kratovic from Los Angeles, Nilesh Thakore from London, Hesam Kalateh from Iran and Swedish Jam Factory (Thomas Bergstig and Isaac Middleton) from Los Angeles.

“I’ve always believed that music is one language, it has the power to move and unite people globally. Music has no boundaries; it transcends cultural differences, borders, and local languages. With the lockdown, I was able to ‘tour the world’ online, reach out and work with amazing musicians. We gave the classic Bollywood songs a different twist. It was an eye-opening and truly amazing experience”.

Along with the release of Hemina’s latest album, she had also performed many public and private live stream concerts to connect with her audiences around the world, including a Charity event to raise money for the Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. She also conducted many live streaming Hindu prayer ceremonies for families who had recently lost loved ones during this lockdown period.

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