Posted on June 15, 2020 at 2:27 pm

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Local Influencer Makes Her First Appearance on TV Show Arendsvlei

Sheeca’s Closet makes her debut on local TV show Arendsvlei

Sheeca's Closet makes her debut on local TV show Arendsvlei @sheecas.closet

South Africa: Local Influencer Rasheeqah Karriem (@sheecas.closet) made her debut on local TV show Arendsvlei. Sheeca has always had a significant impact on the South African community. Many adore her exuberant personality and content. Her influence surely runs deep into the local community. It resulted in her debut on Local TV!

Entertainment is certainly a pioneer of leadership in South Africa. Locals find relevance in popular shows that encourage change in our communities. One local show that many enjoy is Arendsvlei, showcased on KykNet. Sheeca was fortunate enough to grace the local screen with her acting talent and bring her vibrant spirit to the show as Landlord Phillips.

We asked Sheeca about the experience;

“It was definitely a highlight in terms of my online career! Growing up, I have always loved acting. I participated in every concert, play and musical at school.”

“I remember it as if it were yesterday. The day I received the email from Arendsvlei, I almost fell off of my chair at work!  The email mentioned an open audition for the series. I was caught off guard. I kept wondering how they considered me, then I realized that they probably saw my online content and enjoy my personality.”

“Above all, I remember not being able to focus on my work that entire week. I was so excited and I sent in my audition tape. I was later told that I got the role of Landlord Phillips”

Sheeca's Closet makes her debut on local TV show Arendsvlei @sheecas.closet

Sheeca knew that this was a big moment for her. She found herself at the studio on the 15th and 18th of August. She kept it a secret since her work did not condone any of it and were not aware of it at the time.

The local Arendsvlei screen was graced with Sheeca for two episodes!

Her fans certainly enjoyed seeing her presence on their favourite local show! What a crossover! Sheeca stated that it sparked such a joy inside of her. It made her realize the continuous passion that she has for acting as a career and how she wishes she had pursued it sooner.

We loved being able to see someone of influence flourish in this manner. It surely made many proud to see the two worlds of entertainment combined.

When asked if she would ever consider doing it again, Sheeca replied;

“HELL YES! I’ve considered going to drama school or taking acting classes. I’ll see what the future holds.”

Sheeca definitely has a bright future ahead and her cheerful presence does make the hearts of the community extremely happy! We hope to see more of her in the entertainment industry!

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