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Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem – Life Beyond Social Media

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The Life of Rasheeqah Karriem

Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem (@sheecas.closet)

Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem (@sheecas.closet). Instagram influencer and entertainer Rasheeqah has always brought endless joy to her community. She has always been so relatable and willing to share herself and her story with her audience.

We wanted to know more about this empowering, humorous young lady. This is what Sheeca shared with us!

What are three things people don’t know about you?
  • I’ve recently realized that If I’m “on” , I’m sociable and friendly, but when I’m off, I hurry home to recharge in solitude. I need alone time before and after socializing!
  • I’m a VERY private person contrary to popular believe with all the videos about my relationship and family.
  • I struggle to show affection in real life. 

Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem (@sheecas.closet)

As a content creator, how would you describe your content?

Entertaining, educational and authentic. I show my life story through funny skits which makes it not only entertaining, but also very relatable at the same time.

I connect with my audience by also showing them the “real life” struggles and making sure they know it’s okay to not always have things easy in life. That you can fight for what you want in life. 

You are a YouTuber and social media influencer, how did the journey start and what encouraged your love for  content creation?

It all started unintentionally. I was driving to law school after work and sat in traffic for more than an hour every day. One day I decided to take out my phone and told “real” life office stories!

People related so much to all the office drama and just thought I’m extremely funny. I then rediscovered my passion for entertainment when I noticed the positive influence I have on so many people by just putting a smile on their faces.

Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem (@sheecas.closet) Rasheeqah

What do you enjoy most about creating content and what are some of your most memorable moments as an influencer and content creator?

I enjoy creating content that puts a smile on people’s faces or leave them inspired.

One of my most memorable moments was when I got featured on a local Soapie (Arendsvlei) as a result of my personality and following on social media.

How many hours do you dedicate towards creating content and how do you incorporate your daily life with your content creation?

I work on content every day. Sometimes 3 hours , 5 hours, or even 8 hours. It all depends on the type of content and the task at hand.

Time management is very important when it comes to content creation. You want to create content but also do your chores and go on with your normal day to day activities. Planning and prioritizing is what keeps me afloat.

Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem - Life Beyond Social Media

What are some challenges you have experienced being in the social media industry?

Everyone thinks they get to have an opinion on your life…

You need to think twice before doing or saying anything because your life is so public. You make one mistake and people will tear you apart!

There’s an assumption others have that you’re not normal or don’t go through bad days like a normal human being.

People often have many assumptions when it comes to being an influencer. What are some assumptions people have had about you as an influence or the industry in general?

Someone called me entitled. People think all influencers are rich and life is just so easy and glamorous. I’ve been called rude, insensitive and so many other things. What I have learned is that you are not for everyone and everyone is not for you.

People will create an image of you in their head and no matter what you do, you will never be able to change that perception.

How do you use your social media platforms to create awareness around social issues or inequalities in our community?

I’m always vocal when it comes to social injustices or inequalities. I create a platform where people get to advertise their organisations, working with different community projects and educating my followers on important matters , the most recent movement was the #blacklivesmatter.

I think if I could just change at least one person’s mindset towards racism, then I’ve done my job as an influencer. Strongly believing that everything starts at home though so I try and get the message across that you should start with family and friends before you can make a difference in the rest of the world.

Exclusive Interview: Rasheeqah Karriem - Life Beyond Social Media

What advice do you have for other aspiring social media content creators or influencers?

This sounds very overrated, but honestly , my number one rule is to always be yourself. I’ve come this far by only being myself. Nothing more, nothing less.

You will always want to copy someone or be like someone, but remember that spot has been filled so you need to create your own brand to occupy a vacancy in the industry.

Rasheeqah Karriem is definitely a humble soul. An influencer that cares about her community and social issues. Sheeca certainly has so much more in store and we cannot wait to see her future projects! Follow her on Instagram and Subscribe to her YouTube!

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