Posted on June 1, 2020 at 2:48 pm

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Exclusive: Control Z – Patricio Gallardo “Acting Is Not Always Comfortable”

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Patricio Gallardo 

Exclusive Interview – Control Z star Patricio Gallardo. Control Z has aired on Netflix and everyone cannot get enough of this adrenaline pumping series. Mexican actor and singer Patricio Gallardo made his debut in 2011 in the television show Azteca and film Lucho en familia.

Patricio was known for his acting contribution towards Nickelodeon Latin America series. This led to his nomination of a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for Favourite Actor in 2013.

He has continuously shown great talent and effort in his craft and has recently been the talk of the town with the new Netflix series, Control Z. We were curious to know more about Patricio and his journey behind the scenes. Here is what he shared with us!

When did your journey with acting start and what inspired it? 
It may have started when I was 15 years old. I did a show when I was that young. But I pulled out, mainly because, as my mom says, I didn’t like it, and also because she didn’t want me to have that upbringing. So it actually started when I got my first acting role at 17.
Many factors influenced it. One of them being, my uncle, who was an actor. My love for the movies and how it made me feel. I have always had an interest in music and acting, sometimes hidden, but it was always there.
What are three words that describe you perfectly? 
I am not too sure about this one. It’s a hard one for me. I’d say: Persistent (stubborn), ambitious, inquisitive.
As an actor, what has been your most memorable moments in the industry? 
This one is also a hard one. I have many of them which I see as stepping stones to growing. I for sure won’t forget that scene in my house (As Gerry) where I grab the gun and throw a bottle at the window door. But as I said, I have many and I could maybe name one out of every show I’ve been in.
What have you learned thus far as an entertainer in the industry?
Many many things. For sure it is not an easy industry. You’ve got to save money and be savvy about it because you don’t know when your next gig will come. Acting is not always comfortable. Acting is a service (to what, I do not know yet). You can grow lazy at times so you’ve got to create the habit of working hard.
Your most recent work, Control Z has premiered on Netflix. What was the experience like working on that show? 
It was awesome. From the moment I knew I was going to be part of a Netflix show. It had always been something I looked forward to and dreamt about. Of course it wasn’t easy either. Gerry was quite uncomfortable and hard to understand, though I am glad I got the part. I am thankful for being in it.
You played the character, Gerardo “Gerry” Granda. How did you prepare for that role?
Well, it wasn’t easy. I started not really liking or understanding Gerry. It was a process that I experienced for the first time. Looking for a way to understand, justify and not judge a character that is so easy to point at and say: “he’s bad”.
My coach, Bryan Dal Pozo, and I, had to create a back story for Gerry, quite vividly, so that I would remember each of those anecdotes as real and tangible as if they were my own.
Some kind of emotional bio to understand what was it that was making him be the way that he was. We have to remember that for him, he is not a bad person, he has his reasons, well justified for him. I was guided by my coach. And as I told you, it was uncomfortable.
Your character depicted someone with deeply rooted issues regarding sexuality and was portrayed as a bully. Why is it important to create awareness around bullying and sexuality? 
Because they are real, common and daily issues. Sexuality has had an awakening for the past decades, so it’s not wonder we have the freedom to talk about it so openly on shows nowadays. Bullying is not really talked about much (as far as I know).
It is important to make people understand where a repressed sexuality can take someone. Where bullying someone can take you. So that people can understand in images how important these issues are.
We are not creating an opinion, we are shining a light on it so that people can create their own opinions. At least they are now talking about it.
What advice do you have for any victims out there that have been bullied or judged for their sexuality?
I am not an expert. Most of my experiences from it is quite subjective and taken from the character. I am an heterosexual man that grew up in a household where sex was not taboo, so I do not completely know about repressed sexuality enough to talk about it and misguide someone that actually needs professional or an experienced opinion.
The same goes for bullying. Communication is key. Either with someone else or with yourself. Where you grow up and how you are raised plays a key role in that.
What future projects can we look forward to? 
I am about to (whenever quarantine permits) start filming a comedy show for a streaming service which I cannot, sadly, talk about at the moment. And, well, of course, Control Z second season.
What’s a daily mantra that you live by?

As of now, while in quarantine is: small wins matter.

Patricio definitely knows how to bring a character to life. He perpetuates the notion of endless learning and growth in the industry. He has started from a very young age and has utilized what he has learnt into his work!
It is amazing to see the character development in many of his work regarding the preparation and intensity that is driven in every character he plays. We cannot wait to see more of him on our screens! Check out Control Z on Netflix!
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