Posted on May 9, 2020 at 7:59 pm

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Why Millions of Desi Singles are Rushing to This Dating App

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Raise your hand if you can relate: finding desi friends who are the same level of cultured as you is an extreme sport, let alone finding someone who is relationship worthy. While some may think we have the best of both worlds, growing up as a child of the desi diaspora is both a unifying and alienating experience.

Think about when you’re dating and you meet a new brown person – and the guessing games begin to figure out if you’ll get along – it requires the art of nuance to figure out just how cultured the other person is without revealing too much about yourself out of fear of alienating them too soon. Do they hangout with other brown people? Is their knowledge of Bollywood movies equivalent to watching Lagaan once, or do they keep up with the latest movies and know who Arijit Singh is? With such a vast range of personalities and cultures, it’s no shock that finding someone to date can feel like a total nightmare to many South Asians. That’s where Dil Mil comes in – a popular dating app for South Asians, Dil Mil helps you easily connect with other modern, desi singles from the diaspora across the US, UK, UAE, Canada, and Australia who are looking to build meaningful relationships. 

“This Tinder-Alternative Disrupts Dating In South Asian Communities” – Forbes. 

With over 2M+ singles using the app and 20M+ matches made to date, Dil Mil allows you to take the guesswork out of the equation by using advanced filters and features such as community, religion, interests, and education to find a compatible match. In fact, Dil Mil receives reports of one success story a day on average! Take Sid and Parina for example – this adorable couple matched on Dil Mil and instantly connected over their love for Bollywood and travel. They got engaged on vacation in the beautiful Positano and have now been happily married for over two years! Learn more about their story in this charming video

Dil Mil is free to use and features added upgrades that help accelerate your matching. You can download on both iOS and Android here

Another success story that will make your heart melt is that of Richa and Bharat. Richa Moorjani – more popularly known as “Cousin Kamala” on Mindy Kaling’s latest Netflix show Never Have I Ever – took a road trip with a friend a few years ago who convinced her to download Dil Mil. Her friend made her an account and started swiping for her while Richa drove, and eventually came across Bharat’s profile and started talking to him. Richa wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, but little did she know that within just a couple of hours of downloading Dil Mil, she had found the love of her life. You can read all about their fairytale love story and proposal here.

In addition to the AI matchmaking technology within the app, South Asian singles across the world are attracted to Dil Mil because it connects them to people and experiences that are unique to their community and passions. Dil Mil creates a place for young professionals to come together, celebrate their identities, and fully be themselves without any code switching (which can truly be exhausting at times if we’re being honest with ourselves). 

Recently, Dil Mil was a part of several events including 5X, Sessions, and most recently, support in Arjun’s tribute concert for his late wife – For Natasha, as a way to bring the South Asian community together over their love for music and art. With a recent acquisition by, Dil Mil is just getting started on its journey to becoming the ultimate platform for South Asians to come together and make lifelong, meaningful connections.

If you’re looking for a break from the world of competitive, extreme dating, create your love story on your terms and give Dil Mil a chance. Let go of the guesswork, and let their successful algorithm find you your perfect match. 

Download Dil Mil and start matching with desi diaspora in the US, UAE, UK, CA & AU. You can download for free on both iOS and Android here

Want to get off to an accelerated start? Thankfully Dil Mil includes additional upgrades that help you match faster and more often with Dil Mil VIP Elite. This helps to reduce the time spent finding your perfect match. You can upgrade within their app or on their website here.

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