Posted on May 12, 2020 at 7:57 am

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Nitish Kalia’s Bella Ciao Tribute To All The Vada Pav Lovers

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Nitish Kalia’s Bella Ciao Tribute To All The Vada Pav Lovers

Anchor Nitish Kalia this time comes up with a cover of Bella Ciao. It is a light-hearted parody of Bella Ciao which features the love for Vada Pav, the Mumbaikars have in their hearts and their stomach. This version is named Bella Ciao ft Vada Pav.

Bella Ciao is an Italian song which means “goodbye beautiful” and currently this song is generating enormous waves of traffic on all streaming platforms. This song with the passing time became an anthem of freedom and resistance.

Nitish Kalia on being asked said,

” this is an extremely wonderful song which gives hope and burns a fire in you. A hope that we will meet our love Vada Pav once again and the fire makes us believe in ourselves because the joy in reunion is much more than the sorrow of momentary separation. I seriously loved this song on the very first day I heard it. Later I thought of making a cover of it and now here I am waiting to treat everyone with the cover”.

We are now in the lockdown 3.0 and few of us are in extreme need of a chill pill dose. We are tensed and bored like never before. This is a tough phase of life we are going through and so we need refreshing elements to refresh our moods to contain ourselves within the four walls. And Nitish Kalia’s cover is perfect to be labeled as a refreshing element. If you want to try it out, you can tune to his YouTube channel (Nitish Kalia) and get your mood refreshed.

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