Posted on April 19, 2020 at 2:35 am

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Neel Releases His Feel Good Romantic Pop Anthem “1 UP”

Neel Releases His Feel Good Romantic Pop Anthem “1 UP”

LA-based singer-songwriter Neel Nadkarni, popularly known as NEEL, has announced the release of his latest single ‘1 Up.’

Having opened for the likes of Jay Sean, Mickey Singh, Arjun, Vishal-Shekhar and more, NEEL has become a rising star not only in America but also internationally. His musical abilities are not limited to his classically-trained vocals; NEEL is also a skilled instrumentalist playing the piano, keyboards, harmonium, tabla, and guitar. His versatility and exposure to different forms of music shine through his sound.

Following the success of his single ‘Tera Deewana’, which he released at the start of the year, the SaReGaMaPa finalist NEEL returns with ‘1 Up’ , a feel-good Pop/R&B anthem with the perfect blend of Bollywood. The timely release of the track is set to spread positivity and love during what has been an uncertain period of time across the world.

NEEL has played with the concept of the track ‘1 Up’ — it is a common term associated with competitiveness, but NEEL has instead used it in a positive way of showing more love in a relationship. With a playful undertone, ‘1-Up’ is reminiscent of the romance of Bollywood, blended with a current trending Pop/R&B sound that makes it an instantaneous, catchy hit.

Speaking on releasing the track during the COVID-19 crisis, NEEL states, “It’s a feel-good, cute song, and is a great record in this time of uncertainty and uneasiness. I want my listeners to just sit back and enjoy the record on their favorite streaming service, blast it in their car and in their house — put the super nice music video up on your big TV and watch it with the family!”

The high-quality music video for ‘1 Up’ reflects the romantic lyricism and soulful sound of the track. The picture-perfect date vibes and relationship depicted by NEEL against the beautiful LA sky backdrop brings the melody to life.

NEEL has promised more tracks like ‘1-Up’ to come over the forthcoming months, as he brings us a sound that resonates with his background and musical influences. Already playlisted on major Asian media channels such as B4U Music, NEEL brings us a sound that seeks to refresh and represent the Bollywood & Pop/R&B music scene.

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