Posted on April 16, 2020 at 7:25 am

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Kartik Aaryan’s Sister Kritika Shares An Emotional Post To Thank Her Brother For All The COVID-19 Awareness

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Kartik Aaryan emerged as one of the leading celebs spreading awareness about Coronavirus.

Kartik Aaryan
Kartik Aaryan

Right from talking about the dos’ and donts’ in a lockdown in his signature monologue. To now launching his own chat show Koki Poochega on his Youtube channel.

Aaryan has dropped two episodes on his channel, where he’s seen in a fun and an insightful conversation with a COVID 19 survivor. A doctor treating Coronavirus patients.

The show has become an instant hit among the masses and also netizens. Koki Poochega is being applauded for the actor’s hard work and intensive research.

While the likes of Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor are mindblown by the series, TV Czarina, Ekta Kapoor even called the young actor a better producer than her.

The nation is talking about his unique moves and this has got his sister, Kritika too emotional.

Kritika, who’s studying to become a doctor is too proud with Koki Poochega. Also, handling such a sensitive topic in such a unique way.

Kritika Tiwari is often seen sharing adorable posts about her brother Kartik Aaryan. While few weeks back she had given us a glimpse of her brother-and-actor Aaryan doing household chores this time.

The budding doctor takes to her profile to thank him and publically share her proud feelings for him.

She has posted a series of pictures and videos of Kartik Aaryan, where he’s seen working at home. Tiding up the room and always flashing his million dollar smile.

She has captioned the post saying,

“Dear Koki. I cannot count the number of times you’ve made me feel proud of you. Here’s one more added to that long list! “KOKI POOCHEGA” what an epic initiative! Love the show and I’m so proud of the thought and hard work you’ve put into it.”

She further adds that despite him being at home. He barely has time for her because he’s busy with doing his work – the extensive research and trouble.

He has taken for these series. But when she sees his smile and watching him do something so thoughtful, it surely moves her heart.

She rightfully says that though he’s not at the forefront of this fight, he’s doing what he can as an actor and doing a brilliant job in spreading awareness. 

We couldn’t agree more with Kartik’s sisters sweet words filled with pride for her sibling. The superstar is single-handedly going all his way out to enlighten.

The larger masses about the pandemic by using his strong fan following across all social media platforms. His monologue and rap to sing-out-loud the importance of social-distancing. Even contributing a large sum of Rs 1 crore to the PM Cares Relief Funds, at such a young age is incredible.

Kartik Aaryan has no plans to settle until everyone understands the critical times and take the right measures. Hats off to the youth icon.

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