Posted on April 4, 2020 at 12:21 am

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Desi Dating App Popularity Surges in Australia as Borders Close

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Ask any “curry” millennial (especially one who’s a first-generation immigrant kid) about their dating life and most of them will tell you the same thing – it’s not easy. Pair that with the growing necessity for social distancing, and connecting with someone has never been more important yet harder to do. However, isolation doesn’t have to equate to loneliness.


If you’re having a hard time finding an Aussie bae that checks off both yours AND your parent’s checkboxes, especially while isolating yourself, you might as well hop on the dating app that’s already taking Australia by storm. With over 2 million Desi singles, Dil Mil has generated an impressive 20+ million matches with one relationship reported to them every hour (amazing, right?). Many of their success stories can be found on their website. Besides helping to avoid your parents constantly nagging you to find someone because “all of the good ones are going to get taken,” Dil Mil has done a great job at curating a smart and modern user base that is centered around the South Asian diaspora — especially in Australia.

Does isolation mean loneliness?

As South Asians, all of us can relate to the crazy rules desi parents have formulated about dating and getting married. Navigating dating and marriage conversations with desi parents is basically like playing an extreme sport. More often than not, desi parents expect you to “focus on your studies” throughout college, and then as soon as you graduate (or close to it), they expect you to magically find your life partner and settle down. Today, more and more young South Asians are opting out of arranged marriages (for good reason) and searching for love on their terms, and Dil Mil is here in Australia to help with exactly that.

The hype about Dil Mil is real – with advanced filtering options such as community, religion, education, location, etc., Dil Mil is providing a platform that’s much more appealing than your parents’ arranged rishta network. No more biodatas – just real, authentic users raised in the Indian diaspora, just like you.

While there are other dating apps on the market, Dil Mil stands out from the crowd due to its curated user-base – mostly modern, working millennials based in the South Asian diaspora across Australia (AU), United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and Canada (CA), amongst other countries globally. Dil Mil was also recently acquired by Group, making its growth potential unstoppable. As a brand, the app is also doing its part to go beyond just dating – whether you’re single or in a relationship, Dil Mil serves as a platform to celebrate community and culture. With events ranging from 5X, Sessions, and most recently, support in Arjun’s tribute concert for his late wife – For Natasha, Dil Mil seeks to spread South Asian culture and awareness via technology, music, and art.

So quit letting others tell you what to do, and don’t let social distancing hold you back – in fact, now is the time to build meaningful connections by getting to know new people. Take control of your love life, date on your terms, and create your love story.


Dil Mil is free to use and available globally on iOS and Android.

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