Posted on March 7, 2020 at 3:57 am

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This Women’s Day The Canvas Speaks Of Ode To Womanhood

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This Women’s Day The canvas speaks of Ode to Womanhood

This Women’s Day The canvas speaks of Ode to Womanhood. The concept of love has been one of the most prominent themes depicted in art. Art and woman are topics that remained finely interrelated through centuries. Many artists have beautified their canvas depicting a woman and their state of mind literally and figuratively. However, a woman has always been the artist’s muse that spoke what’s on the artist’s mind. Throughout the centuries, women have been involved in many art forms that include creating artwork, as a critic and contributor. Many artists like Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Titian, and Leonardo da Vinci made many famous paintings depicting Women in Art

Woman’s figures on canvas spoke when their feelings were understood from Mexico’s Frida to Amrita Shergill of Indian origin made their muse speak what remains unconveyed.

International Singer SoumitaSaha whose artwork became remarkably famous lately, exhibited one of her Artwork dedicated to the noble theme of Women’s Day. Soumita’s Artwork “Unconveyed” caught critic and art curator’s eyes because of the beautifully verbalized articulation. She has placed the word “অব্যক্ত” on canvas giving it a beautiful art form. The Bengali word অব্যক্ত means unconveyed. This painting has been exhibited recently in a posh art gallery located in the heart of the city of Joy. Her artwork not only impressed critics and media professionals but also ace painter across the country. The use of prismatic art form fused with fine art is one of the most less used forms in East Asia. The songbird is currently working on her upcoming art project and some of the Tollywood playback numbers scheduled to be released soon.

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