Posted on March 16, 2020 at 1:38 pm

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Rasheeqah Karriem: Speaker at Her Alma Mater UWC – POSTPONED

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Sheecas Closet To Speak at The University of The Western Cape 

Rasheeqah Karriem Inspires Youth as Speaker at Her Alma Mater UWC

Rasheeqah Karriem, internet’s favourite sheecas.closet is set to inspire at UWC. Social media has brought many young influential people into a broader spectrum of the world. One of those being South Africa’s very own ‘Sheeca’. She has always had a passion for others and incorporated her own spin on relatable content to ensure fans daily laughter. Especially with her new show on youtube, which has officially premiered with a season 2!

Her content varies from Make-up, humorous and relatable couple videos, personal growth videos and motivational ones as well. Sheeca has inspired many young girls and boys out there, as well as adults to always seize the day. This week, our very own was set to seize the day by speaking at her former University, UWC. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic, the event has forth been postponed until further notice.

In addition to speaking at UWC, Rasheeqah has spent many years of personal growth and development at the institution. Sheeca acquired a degree in Bcom-Law, LLB and her honors in Industrial psychology. This young lady is nothing short of amazing and has influenced so many young souls in the community. Her experience at the University shaped her into the creative soul that she is today.

Rasheeqah shared her feelings regarding speaking at her alma mater and the impact UWC has had on her life:

“I am excited to share my story with others and feel extremely privileged to go back to my roots! When I started at The University of the Western Cape (UWC), I was a shy, small town girl. A girl who was too afraid to raise her voice. Being there for a few years enabled me the opportunity to not only obtain a few degrees but to also build lifelong friendships. I met the most inspiring people at UWC. I learned that your circumstances are no excuse for failure! People who had less than me, showed me what real hard work is. They kicked my add in everything that they did! In a nutshell, UWC shaped me, improved me and taught me how to stand tall!”

Furthermore, Rasheeqah has certainly impacted quite a community of people all over South Africa. Her lifestyle, colloquial tactics and inspirational work ethic has showcased her journey. People love being able to relate with someone influential and Sheeca is definitely the one person with a safe and optimistic platform for all. It is inspirational to see someone with an influence come forth to finding a greater purpose in society, as well as educating the youth regarding social media, business orientation and more!  We will be sure to update you all on the current situation regarding this event. Postponed until further notice.

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