Posted on March 4, 2020 at 1:07 am

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Kuri Rangeeli JC Sona Feat Ishi & Tino Attila Is Now Out

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Kuri Rangeeli JC Sona feat Ishi & Tino Attila Is Now Out

Kuri Rangeeli JC Sona Feat Ishi & Tino Attila Is Now Out. JC has been hard at work and without a doubt has created something bumpin’ for your speakers, he will have you bopping your head to this beat in no time. It has that old school hip-hop vibe to it with a bit of a twist.

The artist, Ishi, has a voice that is nothing less than enchanting; her sirenesque sound will keep you captivated for hours on end. Matched with JCs beat they have created something hypnotic.

Now, are you all thinking what I’m thinking? Where has this little gem been hiding?

Ishis musical journey began when she was a child watching her mother perform countless times. She began furthering her knowledge on all things musical; this led to her coming into her own and eventually creating her own songs.

“Kuri Rangeeli or Colourful Girl is about a carefree girl that is confident and knows exactly what she wants. Her value and freedom are important to her. Any guy that crosses her path is rejected, simply because she can do so.”

Kuri Rangeeli features the brilliant Tino Attila, the East London rapper is part of the Sona Entertainment team and has featured on many of JCs beats in the past. He is one of the best around and always brings his “A” game. His presence on this track is just what was needed to bring it all together.

JC has worked with numerous artists and is never afraid of diving into different genres. He has produced so many versatile tracks over the years and it’s safe to say that they have all been amazing; I don’t see why this track will be any different!

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