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How to write a research paper about a movie?

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The movie industry is ever-growing along with the technology producing it. There is always that new sound and mesmerizing video editing that make movie lovers obsessed with their favorite film. The movies elicit opinions and emotions that warrant discussions thus creating a need for a research paper that intend to find out why a movie is loved compared to others. The popularity of a movie id dependent on a lot of factors that the research intends to find out. Here are techniques from already written essays at Essay Kitchen on how to conduct and write a research paper about movies. 

How to write a research paper about a movie?
How to write a research paper about a movie?

What is a research paper?

A research paper is an academic writing that analyzes and argues a certain point. The researcher provides their perspective on the topic and additional information and findings from other sources. A good research paper, however, isn’t dependent on having an interesting topic rather it’s about following the research paper’s instructions carefully. There are three types of approaches for a research paper one can choose from: argumentative, expository, and analytical. When writers works with book review topics, Choosing the right approach can go a long way in improving the research paper.

Check professional examples

To understand the best practices and structures of an essay, you can look for professional examples. Services which provide Research papers online have a ton of examples that showcase how to best write an essay. There is a certain structure that is required for writing to be considered a research essay that a writer is required to implement. A research paper is different from other writings such as a research proposal with the difference lying in intentions of the two essays. A research paper is intended to gauge a student’s academic knowledge on a subject while a research proposal is a writing meant to persuade an audience on the importance of a research project. Looking at professional examples will aid in the differentiation.

Search for a pre-written essay

A writer should search for a pre-written essay on movies to search for additional information and most importantly avoid plagiarism. Reading pre-written essays on the topic according to services which provide research papers online aids the writer to understand more of the topic and gives inspiration and ideas on how to formulate their paper. Also, it enables the writer to decide which approach to the topic is unique and not following the viewpoints of others. It awakens the imagination and allows research on areas the previous essays failed to cover. In writing, honesty is integral to the reputation of a writer and thus plagiarism is not allowed according to conditions of Looking at past essays about movies will ensure that the writer does not perform any regulations when speaking on the same topic or can acknowledge the original author if they quote their passages.

How to choose a movie?

Choosing a good movie is what determines what your theater experience will be like. These are the points to consider when choosing the perfect movie:


The audience should be a consideration when choosing a movie and you should ensure that the movie best appeals to a certain audience. Age and explicit content are the factors that draw the line on which the audience is entitled to watch which movie.


Choosing an essay about movies should follow a theme emanating from either an occasion or mood of the day. There is a variety of themes to choose from such as love, justice, friendships, and history


The genres include action, animation, comedy, romance, adventure, fantasy, and thriller. All these genres provide an identity to the movie therefore one should choose a movie they best identify with.


The list for actors is endless and everyone has had a favorite actor at some point. You can, therefore, choose a movie because your favorite actor played a role in it

Create a writing plan

Creating a writing plan is essential to having a conclusive research paper on movies. A writing plan will outline the movies being considered and the pros and cons judged. The movies are therefore graded regarding viewer ratings, starring actors and genre of the movie. A good writing plan will ensure that you cover the reasons why and movie is considered more appealing than the others and a personal opinion if that is the description of a good movie essay. A writing plan ensures efficiency and excellent time management that provides the writer with the freedom to make time for resting.

Write from your heart 

Movies are fun and a personal opinion creates a bond between its lovers. Being open to how you feel on Netflix movies is what provides authenticity.


The last step of a research paper is proofreading. Plugins such as Grammarly will help you get rid of the spelling errors and plagiarism.

How to write a research paper about a movie?
How to write a research paper about a movie?

Movies are an interesting production and new techniques continue to emerge every day. To complete an ideal research paper on movies, the writer must show their understanding of the movies and provide a discussion that is supported by facts. A personal opinion on the movies is also welcomed as it offers a new perspective regarding the movie. For instance, the protagonist of the movie may be well-liked but in your opinion, you don’t find him likable. Getting to research to prove your point of thought is what makes a good research essay.


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