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Content Creator Javon Cupido aka Just Javas – “Authenticity is Key”

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Javon Cupido shares his journey beyond Social Media

Content Creator Javon Cupido aka Just Javas - "Authenticity is Key"

South Africa: Javon Cupido, known as “Just Javas” has quite an everlasting impact online. Born in Worcester, Javon always knew he was destined for a greater purpose. Currently, pursuing a degree in physiotherapy at Stellenbosch University, Javon has found a way to make student life more relatable online. He started his online career in 2018 and has brought joy to many with his daily fun filled and humorous content.

A part from balancing student life, family, friends, fitness, entrepreneurship and content creation, Javon is one busy young man. He strives off of productivity and uses his skills online to bring people together.

He strongly believes in celebrating one’s self, as well as creating a safe space for people to feel accepted and heard.

Just Javas gave us the scoop on what life is like on the other side of social media and what it takes to build a platform while also trying to better yourself every single day, this is what Javon shared with us.

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Who is Javon? How would you describe yourself? Tell us more about you.

I’m an extroverted introvert. Extremely laid back in general while on camera, I tend to be more extroverted and loud. A lot of people have this perception that I am an extrovert by nature and honestly, I am really just the opposite once the camera is not around. I am also quite an active person.

Productivity is key throughout the day. Fitness is something I am passionate about. I thoroughly enjoy being adventurous and active. I love being busy and fueling my adrenaline.

Physical activities are something I enjoy most like hockey, travelling, etc. more than technology and night life. I prefer being surrounded by people, especially family as I am family orientated more than being on a cell phone.

Javon Cupido Just Javas

You are well known as Just Javas, how did you acquire that name?

The story behind ‘Just Javas’ is quite a random yet funny story! I had a very cringe-worthy name online and I kept trying to find a name that would be catchy. A name that would represent me the best way possible. My nickname at school for many years was actually ‘Javas’. People always called me ‘Javas’.

One particular day, I was drinking a can of Just Juice and thinking of names I could use online. My cousin interrupted my train of thought and asked me If I have any more Just Juice. It immediately clicked in my head, JUST JAVAS.

That was the start of it all and it felt authentically me. It just sat perfectly with who I am because evidently, I am genuinely Just Javas online. It’s just me. It enabled me to basically showcase that it’s only me behind my content.

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People know you for your amazing content online. When did you start your platform and what inspired your love for comedy?

I started Instagram during my High School years but it wasn’t a main focus at the time. In my first year of university, I decided to dabble in social media because I wanted to try it out and take it more seriously.

YouTube was the start of it all, I first started posting videos on YouTube in 2018 but I was not consistent at all. I probably posted once every 4 month at the time.

My social media platforms really started taking off in December 2018. People started noticing my content more often around that time. I was extremely consistent, especially on Instagram. I would post content daily and it started to blow up!

This year, I started focusing more on YouTube content. I enjoy creating longer videos for the enjoyment of others. It allows people to see more of me rather than just a minute of who I am.

Comedy has always been part of who I am. Positivity is something I live by, I see myself as a positive person. Comedy has helped me through a lot of negative moments in my life and I feel like it is something you can always turn to, especially during dark times.

I have a good sense of humour, I enjoy laughing and I just feel like comedy brings people together. I love the idea of bringing positivity and laughter to people on the daily so that inspired most of my work online.

How do you find inspiration for your content and who inspires you the most?

EVERYWHERE. I am a very observant person. Always trying and get intact with my roots, specifically my coloured roots. I want to express more of the culture and nature of being coloured and celebrating who you are. It comes from observing everything around me and the current trends online.

I will always try to find humour or a silver lining in a current trend for content. It is never easy to create content on a daily basis, sometimes I scroll online and I try and find inspiration every day.

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How long do you usually take to create new content and what do you enjoy most about creating online content?

It depends on the nature of the content and the platform I am creating the content for. YouTube videos take up a lot more time than Instagram videos. It’s all based on my filming and editing of the video. I always keep in mind how I want the video done and the editing.

Instagram content usually takes me about half an hour now that I have become more effective in terms of timing and editing. YouTube videos on average take me about 3 or 4 hours if I am productive enough during that time.

What I enjoy most about creating content, is that I love the fact that I am creating something from absolutely nothing. I love that people can relate to the content and the positivity it spreads amongst people.

Being able to meet new people, who enjoy the content and embrace what I’m doing in such a positive way. That’s why I do it, for the people who enjoy it and those who feel like even when they are having a bad day, my page can cheer them up.

I enjoy being a part of that and being authentic.

Take us through a daily routine of Just Javas creating content. What is the process?

When I am at University and when I am at home, the process differs quite a bit. It’s all about time management. If I am at University, classes take up most of my time. Usually, I would have class from 8 am until 4 pm and then I usually workout after class.

The time that I would normally create content during this time would be during lunch which is between 12 and 2pm or after a workout.

At home, I have a lot more time to create content. I would usually just create content when I have the necessary time and concepts, such as afternoons specifically on weekends.

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You are regarded as an Influencer online. How would you describe your influencing style compared to others? What makes your content different?

What makes myself and my content different is the fact that I don’t see myself as an influencer at all! I see myself as a normal guy that people can relate to.

Likewise, I feel like I create content that is genuine. Showcasing my realness compared to other content creating styles online.

I am not scared to say certain things online. I am unfiltered and that’s one thing that people can take away from visiting my platform, is that I am always real. Authenticity is something I believe in.

It’s what my content is based on and people know me for that.

What is the most challenging thing you have experienced being a public figure and creating content?

I would have to say safety. We tend to take it for granted, especially when you are in the public eye. Similarly, I had to adjust to people knowing who I am. I would go somewhere and people end up staring at me, which is something I never experienced before but I am slowly getting use to it.

I have also lost a lot of friends over time. Being in public, many would come up and take photos or want to have a conversation. I love meeting people but I guess not many friends enjoy that sort of attention in public so I have lost some friends along the way. I keep my circle small for that reason as well.

Another challenge is coming up with content for a prolonged period. It is easy to start the first few months but to end up doing it for a year or longer. It becomes harder to create relatable content daily.

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A lot of people don’t realize that it is not always that easy to make content. It all starts with an idea and then you have to produce it into something more. People enjoy it and they want more and more.

It can affect you at times, it can tend to drain you by affecting your mental health at times because you feel pressured to create all the time.

The viewers don’t necessarily get to see the impact of that pressure because you don’t always show them that side of content creation. They look to you for positivity and therefore, you can’t afford to show them anything else other than that.

You want them to feel like they can turn to you for laughter and happiness so you keep going.

I have been able to focus on my mental health a lot. I am thankful that I am strong enough in terms of dealing with pressure and the impact of social media.

Where do you see yourself and your platform in the next five years?

I am a very ambitious young man! I would love to be the biggest entertainer on YouTube in the country and break the mold as an entertainer. Entertainment in terms of content creating, acting and music.

Instagram is more business orientated for me, I would hopefully like to do more business ventures regarding Instagram in the next few years. Social Media and content creation is something I am passionate about and I see myself doing it full-time.
How do you use your platform to create more social awareness in the community and why do you think it is important to create such awareness?

As a content creator I use my platform by making videos about it and openly expressing why awareness is required.

People do look up to me as a role model in the community. I have a sense of responsibility towards the community to bring awareness to the issues happening within our country, especially amongst the youth. I promised everyone that I would always be honest and authentic online.

For example, when we had the issue of gender-based violence, I was adamant about it. I specifically spoke to the men and tried to reassure them to keep women safe.

Personally, I just believe that if you have the platform and the influence. Use it. I am not shy to use mine to create awareness. If I feel like there is a social issue that needs to be addressed, I will always try and do it in the most respectful way possible.

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What is your daily mantra? What advice do you have for others aspiring to create content online?

My daily mantra is to try and better myself every single day. I try and learn something new every day. Becoming a well-rounded human being is something I firmly believe in and want to achieve in my life on a daily basis.

My advice to others is to be patient, consistent and authentic. Genuinely just be yourself. As cliché as it sounds, just be yourself. Nobody else is you and that’s something special.

When you are genuine, people will gravitate towards you and those that are meant to stay, will definitely stay. You can see right through flakiness and being fake won’t get you anywhere.

Be patient in your craft and be consistent. It’s easy to post something once in a while and think you’re going to grow. You have to be consistent and push out content as much as possible. Eventually, things will happen for you.

“Just Javas”

It’s clear that Javon certainly has a passion for the entertainment and social media industry. He has worked hard on creating a platform all on his own. Being his own camera man and building on his own ideas. Javon has brought joy to many with his daily content and work ethic.

He strives towards authenticity and never stops standing up for what he believes in. He has always embraced his supporters publicly and loves spreading positivity.

We certainly cannot wait to see more from this ambitious young man! Be sure to follow him on instagram and Youtube. In the words of Just Javas, Dankie, Bye”
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